OSFC Xtras is an extensive programme of opportunities and activities designed to enrich the time you spend at college.

The years you spend at OSFC are not just about studying and sitting exams, they are also about developing new interests, learning new skills, having new experiences and developing yourself personally, as well as academically.

When you leave college and apply for university, jobs or training schemes, your interviewer will want to know about your achievements beyond your studies. The OSFC Xtras programme will prepare you for Higher Education or employment and will help you stand out from the crowd!

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is highly recognised throughout the country; according to a National Survey by the United Learning Trust, it’s the most important additional activity you can undertake in terms of employability and future prospects! Therefore, it can be instrumental in landing the university place or job you really want.

Unlike some colleges, we offer the Gold Level of the Award, regardless of whether you have already completed Bronze or Silver.

As a licensed DofE Centre, we can help you personalise this qualification according to your own interests and existing skills. The Award consists of five sections: learning a new skill, doing something physical, volunteering your time, a camping expedition, and a four-day residential.

Your aim is to complete at least one section of the Award per year, (although you can work on as many as you wish). You have until you are 25 to complete the full Award; we’re here to get you started…

Almost all our enrichment courses contribute towards the Award, so it can be really easy to complete DofE sections while you’re here. Equally, you may already be doing things that you can use towards your award, such as playing netball, musical instruments, learning First Aid, being in the College production, improving your photography, or even learning to drive.

The Russell Group is made up of 24 ‘elite’ universities for which competition is particularly fierce. You will be competing for places against students with similar qualifications and grades, so our ‘Stretch Xtras’ are a brilliant way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment.


Applying to Oxford or Cambridge can be a lengthy, complicated process and can appear quite intimidating if you have to do it on your own. The Oxbridge Group will give you all the support and guidance you need with this process, organising visiting speakers from each university alongside specialist subject and interview preparation and Open Day visits.

Aspiring Lawyers Programme (AMP)

Law is one of the most competitive degree courses with a rigorous selection process.  OSFCs Aspiring Lawyers Programme (ALP) guarantees you a programme of industry specific support sessions to ensure you, as a law applicant, are fully prepared for the next step. With links to lecturers, solicitors and law students previously from OSFC, as well as a team of encouraging teachers, you will be well equipped to pursue a career in law.

Aspiring Medics Programme (AMP)

OSFCs Aspiring Medics Programme (AMP) was launched in 2017 to provide you with a structured programme of support when applying for these highly competitive courses. Whether you’re looking to progress onto study Medicine or Dentistry, the competition for places is high, especially for the most prestigious universities. The AMP is very well established, and unique, designed specifically for you as an applicant, helping you thoroughly prepare for all stages of the process.

Aspiring Health Professionals Programme (AHPP)

Interested in a career as a health care professional? Want to improve your chances of getting an offer on these highly competitive courses? The Aspiring Health Professionals Programme (AHPP) can help you with sessions focussed on a range of health professions such as nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, audiology, radiography and more.

You will receive targeted advice with course applications while gaining required voluntary experience from placements in hospitals and other care settings. With a realistic idea of what your chosen healthcare profession involves and insight from nurses, midwives and other healthcare professions the AHPP is the ultimate place to start on the career path of your choice.

The Varsity Programme

The Varsity Programme will support your application to a Russell Group University. The Russell Group is made up of 24 ‘elite’ universities for which competition is particularly fierce and where most courses require very high grades. As an academically gifted student you will be given access to Varsity Tutor Groups, designed to help you apply to these universities through advanced study skills and thorough investigation into subject options.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a prestigious qualification which is designed to allow you to be innovative in your study through focusing on specialised content and developing a range of sought-after skills. You will be required to devise an extended piece of work based on any topic that interests you, introducing you to self-led learning encouraged at university and employment. The great advantage of the EPQ is you can gain UCAS points by undertaking the qualification; the UCAS tariffs carry the equivalent of half a full A Level.

Teen Tech

The Teentech Awards are a chance for teams of innovators to use their imagination and to put forward an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better. Entering the Teentech Awards is a fantastic opportunity for you to think creatively about the world you live in and utilise your scientific knowledge outside of your classes. While competing for this nationally recognised award and raising awareness of your chosen interest you will gain skills and experiences recognised by universities and employers.

Learning a new practical skill at OSFC will set you up for the future. You could gain a First Aid qualification; learn a new language, develop your teaching experience or debating or campaigning skills.

First Aid

First aid is a very hands-on course involving a lot of practical work. It will give you the confidence to help people in need and teach you vital skills you may have to use in everyday life someday as well as in a medical profession. First Aid is ideally suited to you if you’re interested in working with children, in nursing, or just want to learn this essential life-saving skill. This is an externally accredited course where you will sit two multiple choice papers spread over the accredited 20 hours.

Beginners Languages Courses (Spanish, French)

Learning another language can set you aside from other candidates for employment and further study places. It is a well-respected skill and is applicable to all industries and areas of study on some capacity. OSFC offers you beginners’ and Intermediate level courses available in Spanish and French. You will learn this new skill from well experienced teachers who guide you through interactive and engaging learning activities making learning a new language fun and informative.

Pre-Teaching Courses

If you’re interested in a career in teaching or working with children this Xtras course could be for you. All teacher training colleges require evidence of work experience as part of their entry requirements, this pre-teaching enrichment is designed to help you collect evidence of this experience and showcase key required skills for your career path. You will be assigned specific time on your timetable for a 10-week placement position in either a secondary or primary school to create a personal diary which will really help when progressing to further studies in this field.

Science Activities

As a science student you can benefit from the outstanding learning environment provided by the OSFC Regional Science Centre, but also from the strong links established with a variety of national science bodies such as the Nuffield Foundation and the Ogden Trust. Pushing and propelling your specific science lessons with a range of additional activities like opportunities to work alongside practising scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians can help you develop your understanding of these roles and how your course directly links to this work.

Amnesty International

Human rights provide a common language of mutual respect that has a vital role in drawing us together and building a stronger community in our college. During this enrichment, you will grapple with big moral issues, such as human rights, war, torture, poverty, religion, migration, women’s rights and freedom of expression. You’ll discuss, debate and act against breaches of human rights across the world, sharing thoughts and learning from experiences different from your own.

Staying active throughout your studies is an important way to increase productivity and feel healthier. We have an on-site gym and climbing wall, as well as an extensive range of activities to maintain your healthy lifestyle, get competitive or just have fun. We also have a range of performing arts activities for you to get involved in, including the college production and audition preparation classes.

Team Sports (Climbing Wall, Mountain Biking, Men’s and Women’s Football, Netball, Rugby League, Coaching and Refereeing)

OSFC offers an extensive range of activities for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle and show your competitive side! Our teams regularly participate in the North West College and AoC Leagues in: Basketball, Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Netball and Rugby League. You can also join us for a variety of other sports; Badminton, Cricket, Cross Country, Dodgeball, Table Tennis and Volleyball which all run throughout the week on varying times throughout the academic programme.

Basketball Centre for Excellence

Our Basketball Centre for Excellence, in partnership with Manchester Giants Youth National League Programme, aims to build on OSFCs long history of success and will create you a unique pathway into National League Basketball. We have consistently been one of the most successful basketball colleges in the area, regularly winning British Colleges’ Leagues and recently a competition in back-to-back ‘National Final-Fours’!

Our players progress to prosperous futures at university, or in employment, as a result of our holistic approach to merging basketball with their academic achievement as players, coaches or on a recreational level, alongside their chosen careers. You will have the opportunity to select your choice of academic courses to study, alongside reaping the benefits of high-quality coaching, regular fixtures, coaching and refereeing courses, strength and conditioning sessions, physiotherapy, and much more!

Physical Activity & Sport

The college offers an extensive range of activities for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle and show your competitive side! Each Wednesday afternoon, our teams participate in the North West College and AoC Leagues in: Basketball, Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Netball and Rugby League.. In addition, we offer a variety of other sports, ranging from Badminton, Cricket, Cross Country, Dodgeball, Table Tennis and Volleyball which run throughout the week and varying times throughout the academic.

We also have a state of the art multi gym and activity area for you to work towards your individual health and fitness goals and offer the following opportunities for you to consider:

Sport Ambassadors

Alongside actually participating in sport and active enrichments, you can volunteer as an OSFC Sports Ambassador. These highly sought-after roles are open to all students, even if you are not studying a PE related course. You can develop key skills and confidence whilst enhancing your future prospects with experience in working in a team, managing people and taking the lead on projects. As a Sports Ambassador you will complete 25 hours of volunteering and earn a level 1 coaching badge in a sport of your choice. Our sports ambassadors play a vital role at local high school competitions as referees, timekeepers, team managers and coaches.

Gym Membership

You can build your muscles whilst keeping fit in our modern, well-resourced multi-gym. A full year membership costs just £20 and is for the exclusive use of OSFC students and staff. A full induction and health assessment from one of our trained team will set you on your way to achieving your personal fitness goals.

Performing Arts

There are various Performing Arts enrichments you can choose to take part in. The most popular is the College production, which is either a play or a musical each year. Past years have included productions of Road, West Side Story and Little Shop of Horrors. As well as a chance to perform, you can showcase other skills with opportunities for stage management and behind the stage assistants.

You can also get involved in courses for ballet and audition techniques, which students find invaluable when preparing for the audition process for either university or stage school.


The OSFC Olympathon is the largest annual college fundraising event of the year, with over £16,000 raised for good causes during the last 6 years. The event is a 26-hour marathon of sporting action designed to push athlete’s strength and stamina as well as raising an epic amount of money for charity. If you are lucky enough to be selected, from a popular application process, you will compete in a mix of traditional sports such as athletics, football and rugby, alongside sports from other cultures including kabaddi, Boccia and Danish longball.


You will have lots of valuable experiences at OSFC. You can enrich your time at college even further through work experience, volunteering or gaining experience of running your own business.

Student Ambassadors

OSFC Student Ambassadors support the College’s School Partnership and Marketing Team in promoting the College and in providing help and guidance to prospective pupils.  As an ambassador, you are an integral part of the OSFC community and should help others to join the growing community by providing exclusive insight into college life while helping others and acting as a positive influence for your peers.

Student Ambassadors also have the opportunity to be part of amazing events and have fantastic opportunities to work within an inclusive team, have a voice and be a recognised influence for the college and represent OSFC within the wider community.


You’ll have a chance to get involved in various volunteering opportunities at our annual Volunteering Fair where you can sign up to support local organisations that are looking for volunteers. Any volunteering experience looks great on your CV and to prospectus universities.

Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Programme allows you to set up and run a real business. You’ll do everything from raising the initial share capital through to designing and making your product or service, selling directly to customers and keeping the profit. The course helps you develop key skills that enhance your employability and enterprise capabilities. Universities and Employers tend to look favourably on students who have taken part in the programme for exactly these skills.

Work Placements

If you’re an AS/A Level student and want to apply for a university course that requires particular vocational experience prior to application, we can help arrange work shadowing placements in the College holidays. This allows you to gain important employment experience as well as gaining first-hand knowledge of the specific career and work place your studies may lead to. If you’re applying for a vocational course, you’ll be involved in work related activity as part of your programme.

Student Executive

A new Student Executive is elected by students every year to represent your interests within College. As an Executive you will meet regularly to discuss cross-college issues and plan student events as well as having regular meetings with College staff, managing your own budget and playing a key role in charity events.

Student Executive Members also represent students on the OSFC Governing Body. If you feel strongly about social, academic or pastoral issues in your working environment, you could be one of the students elected to represent the interests of the new academic intake and gain experience representing your peers and making a real change.

Equality and Diversity

The Equality and Diversity Enrichment is a 6-8 week course, covering the definitions and examples of different types of discrimination and stereotypes and the effects they can have on individuals. Students also learn about the protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability. Through lectures, discussions and activities, led by experienced OSFC staff, students develop their awareness and understanding of E&D in the workplace, including relevant laws and legislation, as well as wider life skills such as empathy and communication. Student feedback about the course is extremely positive, with many commenting that they now feel more confident to identify and prevent discrimination, treat others equally and meaningfully contribute to a fairer and equitable society.


Why choose OSFC Xtras?

  • Make your time at OSFC more fun!
  • Impress universities and employers
  • Stretch yourself academically
  • Develop your self-confidence
  • Make yourself more employable
  • Volunteer and give back to your community
  • Gain vocational experience on a work placement

Don’t forget…

We have an Essential Life Skills Coordinator who regularly organises events, trips and activities for you to get involved with to further enrich your time at OSFC, including:

  • Q&A events with local politicians
  • Interfaith conferences
  • Debates and a debating society
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Fundraising events
  • Peer mentoring
  • Cultural trips
  • Eco committee
  • Equality & Diversity courses

For more information contact Rosie McLaren rmn@osfc.ac.uk

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