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Although the majority of students have been working virtually, in some capacity, throughout 2020, it can often be difficult to remain productive while attending virtual lessons. All OSFC staff are doing everything they can to help and support students and ensure they stay on track to achieve their very best. We’ve shared a few tips below that may help too.

Try to keep a daily routine and plan out revision for upcoming assessments. Especially following the Christmas break, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the details of your assignments and exams. Although your exams may not be going ahead as expected, it’s crucial to stay engaged and complete any assignments and revision you had planned as this work may impact your final outcome or grade. To help ease the transition from virtual to on campus learning, keep the same wake up/meal times as you normally would when on campus. It’s a good idea to get dressed and ready for the day like you normally would so that you can be as productive as possible.

Limit distractions where possible. Having a clean flat surface to work from is often overlooked but it can be hugely beneficial. Although working from your bed is tempting, it’s helpful to find a quiet place to work from as close to a desk and supportive chair as you can. Working from this one place each day can also help reaffirm your daily routine and limit any bad habits that could potentially impact this. One of the main causes for distraction is social media and your phone. Combat this by setting time limits on social media accounts, these can be accessed on the majority of apps directly or you can download a separate app to help reduce your screen time. Less distractions mean increased productivity.

Give yourself a break to avoid things becoming overwhelming. It’s important to be kind to yourself in what is already a challenging learning environment. Allow for flexibility in your schedule when things feel a little too much. You should get some fresh air or chat to a friend before you become very distracted, frustrated, or anxious. Try to remember that college is a social experience too, the majority of us need to check in with others and reassure social ties. Assigning a little time in your day to connect with others via text or video call can be really beneficial and help you feel a little more normal.

Use resources available to you to make the most out of your learning. Although you are learning virtually, your tutors and the college support team are still available to help however they can. Your progress tutor is a great person to reach out to and they will be able to help put you in contact with the appropriate contact if they’re unable to help you themselves. OSFC are proud to be an Edtech demonstrator and use G-Suite across all areas of the college. Try to make the most of these platforms and features to stay organised and keep all your work in one place.

We understand that learning virtually may not be ideal for some students and we recognise the hard work many have already put into preparing for exams and assignments throughout disruptions. Remaining as productive as possible throughout virtual lessons will help you achieve your very best going forward and we shall continue to support all OSFC students with their learning however possible.

There are specific wellbeing resources and contacts linked here too >

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