Qualified careers staff based in College, supported by external advisers are on hand to advise you and answer any questions you may have about Higher Education and career opportunities.A range of career activities takes place throughout the year including careers education as part of the tutorial programme, university open day visits, Oxbridge workshops, Careers Week and a Progression and Higher Education Parents’ Evening.


All our students have a Tutor from day one that will meet with them weekly. These sessions are run by a team of specialist progress tutors or experienced personal tutors. Their role is to look after students’ interests – whether relating to their studies or any other aspects of their lives. Tutors are there to provide friendly support and advice, ensure students are progressing with their studies, work with them in setting targets and action planning, and help out in any problems through one-to-one support. Tutors also offer an important contact point for parents.

In the weekly tutorials, we look at how students can make the most of their college experience and we will be supporting them in making the big choices about their futures. We do a lot of work on careers-related activities, looking at university, apprenticeship and job options after their studies with us. We will also be helping them to be the best OSFC student they can be, by developing their study and revision skills, and setting regular targets to enhance their progress. More general life skills, such as budgeting, making healthy choices and road safety, when learning to drive, are also covered in these sessions.

Those students with a particularly strong GCSE background on entry will be placed in a ‘Varsity’ tutor group.  The Varsity Programme offers targeted support to students applying to the most competitive courses at the most prestigious (Russell Group) universities. The Russell Group is made up of 24 “elite” universities for which competition is particularly fierce and where most courses require particularly high grades. To support the most academically able in applying for these universities, we’ve set up Varsity tutor groups, where the emphasis is on encouraging students to develop advanced study skills and read widely around their subjects.

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