Student Life

What students can expect from OSFC:

  • a safe, healthy and inspirational learning environment
  • outstanding teaching and learning
  • regular feedback on how to improve and excel
  • support, guidance and enrichment beyond the classroom
  • a voice in the life and development of OSFC.

What OSFC expects of students:

  • responsible and mature behaviour
  • excellent attendance and punctuality
  • hard work and commitment, in and out of lessons
  • respect for all members of the college community.

We work together to fulfil our values and our mission.

Student Social/Cafe Areas

These are well-furnished areas for the use of all students where you can relax between lessons. Packed lunches can be eaten in these areas.  Please take care of the facilities by clearing away your own litter and rubbish. You may be asked not to play cards or games at certain points during the day as we will encourage you to spend some of your ‘free time’ completing independent study’.  If you have any suggestions regarding these areas see a member of your Student Association.

Opportunities in Sport and Multi-Gym Inductions

The Sports Centre is open to students who wish to use the sports hall, the fully equipped multi-gym and dance studio when they are not timetabled for lessons.  Netball, football (male and female), basketball and rugby teams play on Wednesday afternoons in the North West Colleges League and the British Colleges’ tournaments.  Volleyball, cricket, rounders, athletics and badminton also take place at the end of the college day during the week. Please contact Sports Hall reception for details.   In addition, various alternative activities are available at lunchtimes and will be advertised throughout the year. You can find out more during enrolment and induction; also keep an eye on the Student Bulletin and Sports Centre notice board for information. If you wish to join the fitness centre all you have to do is sign up for a 60 minute induction and pay £20.50 payable via OSFCPay.  You can then use the facility any time you are free during the year. For opening times, please contact Sports Hall reception.

Educational Visits

Most departments organise excursions out of college to supplement and enhance the teaching carried out in the subject.  The cost of the travel and any entrance fees are shared equally by all participating students.  Most of these visits do not involve overnight accommodation, but, for those residential visits that do, an additional charge is made to students for board and lodgings.

Enrichment courses

We offer a variety of enrichment activities that you can opt for in addition to your main academic programme of study. Courses run at different times during the week and are chosen during enrolment. Courses include the Duke of Edinburgh’s Mountain Expedition Skills Award, First Aid, Beginners and Intermediate Foreign Language courses, the College drama production and a wide range of sports clubs and sports teams. These courses provide additional skills and enhance future applications for university or employment. If you have not signed up for an enrichment course at enrolment, it may be possible to join a course during the year. Please contact your Personal Tutor or David Jackson ( for details.

Rewarding success

We believe the college community should celebrate students’ commitment, behaviour and achievement whenever possible. Praising success provides positive motivation and raises aspirations. Commendations on Cedar, postcards, phone calls, prize draws and presentations, such as our annual Celebration Evening, all reinforce the vital importance of rewarding students for outstanding attitude, effort and results.

By rewarding success, and managing learning, we can empower students to meet their aspirations.

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