Spanish Primary School Placements

7th June 2019 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Seven Oldham Sixth Form A-Level Spanish students completed a six week placement at St Thomas CofE Primary School in Werneth. The students spent their free periods, delivering a number of presentations in Spanish. These presentations covered a range of topics from teaching numbers, basic greetings, colours, clothes, animals, weather and parts of the body. As well as the language presentations, the OSFC students also supported classroom teachers with their Spanish lessons. We are very grateful for the opportunity our students have had to familiarise themselves with language lessons in a primary school and we are delighted to have contributed to school life and Spanish knowledge of the children.

Student’s quotes:

Grace Lear – ‘It has been a great experience to see what teaching languages would be like in a primary school and it was great to be able to help out in the lessons’

Diana Oiebamidji – ‘My experience in the primary school was lovely, because the teachers were very nice and friendly and the kids were very cute and engaged with all the Spanish activities’

Blessing Adekahunsi – ‘Being part of this project has been enriching and lovely, thanks to the teachers and the children who were friendly and excited to learn Spanish’

Charlie Blackburn – ‘It was nice to teach children about Spanish and it helped me to improve my teaching skills’

Zenna Hussain – ‘It made me think about how to teach a language to children and the teachers and primary school students were lovely’

Saffron Corbett – ‘It was fun to teach the children Spanish – a great experience’

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