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We recognise that the process of finding out your results this academic year has been far from ideal as a result of the Government U-turn from issuing ‘calculated grades’ to issuing Centre-Assessed Grades (CAGs).  Most students have had their initial queries addressed as a result of this change, because the CAGs were higher overall than the calculated grades, and the higher of the two is the final grade.

We know some of you remain unhappy with your Centre Assessed Grade and may want to explore options for making an appeal.  As is the case with so many aspects of this year, this is not straightforward and there are very limited options for appeals.  This position has also been shifting in recent days as Ofqual and the Government have issued new statements and information over the last few days.

Included below are a statement on this issue from our sector professional association, the SFCA (as this is a national issue, not unique to OSFC), a link to a letter we have been providing to students and parents who have made contact with us about this issue and a link to Ofqual’s ‘Student Guide to appeals, malpractice and maladministration complaints’ document. There is also a link to the Department for Education Information for  students about GCSEs, AS and A levels and other qualifications in 2020. Please read these carefully, and if you feel you wish to take the matter further after reading these documents, there are details in the letter about next steps you can take.

Sixth Form College Association Statement:

There was no perfect solution to the grading fiasco, and using centre assessed grades was certainly the best way forward when it became clear that the government’s model for calculating grades was not fit for purpose. But some students are still dissatisfied because they do not think their centre assessed grades are as high as they should be. As a result, principals and heads are now facing a good deal of anger from some students and their parents. The government created this mess, and it is unacceptable to leave individual schools and colleges to carry the can now the solution they have put in place has created a further set of problems. Centre assessed grades are not the same as predicted grades – teachers had to develop CAGs within the framework provided by Ofqual, the exams regulator. The Department for Education must now immediately step in and provide colleges and schools with all the help they need to address the wave of challenges they are facing to centre assessed grades.

Results query letter 2020

Ofqual student guide to appeals, malpractice & maladministration complaints Summer 2020

Information for students about GCSEs, AS and A levels and other qualifications in 2020

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