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Acting Principal, Peter Roberts, will be communicating regularly via email with parents and students during these unprecedented times to keep you updated on all the latest news and how this affects you. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please contact us at to update your contact details. You can also click below to read the updates.

All links and resources shared in these updates can now be found on our Covid-19 Health & Wellbeing and OSFC Students pages.

COVID-19 Parent update 03/06/20

Dear all,

As we head into our final half term of the academic year, I am pleased to let you know that we will be inviting all of our Year 12 students back into college to have a 1-1 meeting with their Progress Tutor. We hope that most if not all of these meetings will take place between 15 June and 26 June. The ‘face-to-face’ conversations will concentrate on the following areas;

  • Progression into Year 13 and future plans, including university applications
  • How they are managing their home learning and use of Google Classroom
  • How they are managing their well-being during lockdown
  • The college’s new expectations of students for working from home and when on-site at college

This is an essential appointment. If it is impossible for your son/daughter to attend due to medical/COVID-19 related reasons, we can arrange a ‘remote’ meeting, but we would definitely prefer him/her to visit college. We have gone to great lengths to make college very safe, so much so that it feels safer here than a trip to the supermarket. I will send more details regarding the safety measures before your son/daughter’s meeting.

The meeting will be arranged between your son/daughter and his/her Progress Tutor using Google Classroom. It is really important that he/she engages with this. All Year 12 students will also receive a written, summative report at the end of the year along with another effort grade.

If you wish to discuss any of the points above please contact your son/daughter’s Progress Tutor by email.

We are delighted that the vast majority of our students have engaged with on-line learning and the Google Classroom platform. It is essential that this is maintained between now and the end of the Summer Term, as courses have started important work on Year 13 content. Our expectations are that students will have Google Classroom notifications turned on and they are checking Classroom each day for work set. Having a regular routine will also help support student’s learning during this uncertain time and we would encourage our students to set aside regular time each day to be making progress with their work.

Subject and pastoral staff are very regularly checking emails and Classroom so if your son/daughter is having any issues with the work please ask them to be proactive in asking for help. Alongside their academic studies, students are also being asked to start thinking about their longer-term aspirations in tutorial. Whilst the current climate means students may be unsure about what they want to do, spending time researching all of the different options now will put them in a stronger position in September. The tutorial bulletin is sent to students each week and contains activities to help with career planning. It can be accessed on their Tutorial Stream and you may find it useful to have a look and see what we are asking students to do. For the next 2 weeks there is a focus on ensuring all students have registered with UCAS and there is a video from our Careers Manager, Kevin Reece, giving a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Finally we would like to thank you for your support of the college during a very challenging time. Our curriculum and pastoral staff have been working hard to prepare effective on-line resources and contacting students to help them with their learning during lockdown. Our on-line portal CEDAR is an excellent tool that we have always encouraged parents and carers to engage with. It’s use becomes even more important now as parents/carers can look at recent Progress Effort Grades along with any commendations or cause for concern entries on your son/daughters pastoral log.

We appreciate it can be difficult supporting students from home as they get older but research has shown that any support from home that helps students regulate their own learning is more valuable than direct help with subject tasks. This means that things such as: helping students to set goals, plan and manage their time and helping them manage their emotions can all really help manage the home learning situation we are currently in.

I will write to you soon with further details about the reminder of the term.

Peter Roberts

Acting Principal

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