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Acting Principal, Peter Roberts, will be communicating regularly via email with parents and students during these unprecedented times to keep you updated on all the latest news and how this affects you. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please contact us at to update your contact details. You can also click below to read the updates.

All links and resources shared in these updates can now be found on our Covid-19 Health & Wellbeing and OSFC Students pages.

COVID-19 Parent update, 15/06/20

Dear parent or carer

Over the next two weeks all of our Year 12 students will be attending college for a meeting with their Progress Tutor.

They have been issued with a safety video and instructions about our expectations of them. It is essential that they follow the rules, which have been created to keep them safe. If your son/daughter is one of a very small number of students who hasn’t yet made an appointment, please could you make sure that they do this immediately?

The short video here explains the position across Oldham. Please can I ask that you watch it before your son/daughter’s appointment?

Because they are returning for an appointment, our social areas and catering facilities will not be open for safety reasons. They should not need to use these facilities during their visit.

Please can I ask that you speak to your son/daughter about being particularly careful on their way to and from college? If they are using public transport, they must use a face covering. Please advise them to maintain social distancing at all times. They must not congregate outside college or meet up in groups. Your son/daughter should not attend college without an appointment.

We are really looking forward to seeing our students again. I would really appreciate it you could encourage them to make the best of the meeting and importantly keep working online.

Many thanks,

Peter Roberts

Acting Principal

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