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Three Spanish students have recently been awarded prizes for their Spanish language efforts. Earlier this year, A-Level Spanish student Areeba Sajed Akhtar was commended for her essay, which she submitted for the Lancaster University Modern Languages Schools Essay Prize 2019. The topic of the 500-words essay was ‘Learn Languages to Build Bridges’, it was written in Spanish, including a bibliography. Areeba thoroughly appreciated having this opportunity, ‘I enjoyed writing this essay for Lancaster University, especially as it was based on a topic where I could talk about how the world needs to be connected and how important it is to learn languages’.

AS student Ayeza Akhtar and A Level student Euane Ogwind have won the Year 12 and Year 13 Category of the Other Tongue Section of the North West Mother Tongue Other Tongue contest, co-ordinated by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). This is a national project, led by the Poet Laureate and Director of the Manchester Writing School at MMU, Carol Ann Duffy. The Other Tongue half of the competition encourages students learning another language to use that language creatively by writing a poem. Ayeza and Euane thoroughly enjoyed writing their poems in Spanish and taking part in the competition. They are both thrilled with the outcome. Ayeza said, ‘I really enjoyed participating in the Mother Tongue Other Tongue poetry competition; I was able to creatively express myself whilst also improving my Spanish skills! Being chosen as one of the winners has really increased my confidence in my poetry writing and I hope to participate in similar competitions in the future.’ Euane added, ‘Writing a poem in Spanish has been an interesting experience. When you have to control your use of phrasing and ideas that you have and translate fromEnglish to Spanish, it’s a little challenging but when you have a final piece that flows, it is something to be proud of’.

Gemma Curto, Course Leader for Spanish and Literacy Co-ordinator, is delighted with this latest success, ‘During these strange times, both writing competitions have allowed the students to demonstrate their creativity and to think about languages from a completely different perspective. Learning a new language broadens your mind and allows you to think big. The competitions recognise cultural and linguistic diversity and our students have produced original and truly inspirational written work in Spanish.’

Congratulations to Areeba, Ayeza and Euane for their fantastic achievements!

Below are the poems titled ‘El número’ (The number) by Ayeza and ‘Correr la Carrera’ (Running the Race) by Euane. They are also going to be published in the competition Anthology to showcase their incredible work.

El número

‘La edad es solo un número’ ellos dicen

Entonces por qué

Se pasan por alto mis emociones

Se rieron de mis preguntas

Se ignoran mis palabras

No se consideran mis opiniones

Todo esto debido a este número

‘Lo entenderás cuando seas mayor’

Pero por qué

¿Por qué no ahora?

Toda mi vida he acatado todas las órdenes que me han dado

Las seguí como un robot, una máquina

Cuidando de no cometer errores

Por miedo a las consecuencias

En un mundo donde las barreras han comenzado a romperse

Esta barrera de la edad aún no se ha roto

Me temo que

En este mundo donde ‘la edad es solo un número’

Continuaremos girando en torno a este número

Obsesionándonos con sus significados

Constantemente reprendido por no presentar mis respetos a los ancianos

Pero ese mismo respeto nunca es recíproco

Supongo que todavía no soy digno de su respeto

O nunca

Todo por



-Ayeza Akhtar

The number

‘age is just a number’ they say

Then why

are my emotions overlooked

My questions laughed at

My words glossed over

My opinions uncared about

All because of this number

‘You’ll understand once you grow up’

But why

Why not now

All my life I have understood the commands I have been given

Followed them like a robot, a machine

Careful not to make any mistakes

In fear of the consequences

In a world where barriers have begun to be broken

This barrier of age has yet to be broken

I fear that

In this world where ‘age is just a number’

We will continue to revolve around these numbers

Obsessing over their meanings

Constantly being reprimanded for not paying my respects to the elderly

But that same respect is never reciprocated

I guess that I am not worthy of their respect yet

Or ever

All because

Of this


-Ayeza Akhtar

Correr La Carrera

Aún antes de empezar, debes imaginarte el final.

Debes imaginarte al ganador,

Como ganar es algo natural.

Con la soga al cuello, no se puede meter la pata.

Tienes que concentrarte,

La victoria no es barata.

Odias esperar, ahora mismo quieres ir.

La paciencia es clave,

Sin duda te va a servir.

Regala tu mente, cuídala muy bien.

Enriquece tus conocimientos,

Tus habilidades también.

Recuerda que tienes trabajo, trabajo que hacer.

Si el objetivo es seguir adelante,

No pares de correr.

Bajará la motivación, a veces puede pasar.

Pero das la vuelta a la tortilla,

Por los obstáculos que vas a superar.

Reacciona sabiamente, para que el tu carácter no sea perdido.

La carrera es la vida,

Vívela y corre como si fuera pan comido.

-Euane Ogwind

Running the Race

Even before you start, you must imagine yourself at the end.

You must think of yourself as a winner,

like winning is something natural.

When you’re under immense pressure, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

You have to concentrate,

Victory doesn’t come cheaply.

You hate waiting, you want to go right away.

Patience is key,

It’ll serve you well without a doubt.

Reward your mind, look after it very well.

Enrich your knowledge,

Your skills as well.

Remember that you have work, work you have to do.

If the goal is to keep on going,

Don’t stop running.

Motivation will run out, it can happen sometimes.

But you can turn that around,

because you’re going to overcome all the obstacles.

React wisely, so that you don’t lose your character.

The race is life,

Live it and run as if it were the easiest thing to do.

-Euane Ogwind

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