OSFC hosts inter-faith conference

15th November 2019 by OSFC. Comments (0)

On Thursday 14 November, staff and students at OSFC were given the opportunity to attend an inter-faith conference to discuss and debate social and cultural topics from the perspective of 4 of the major religions. Students relished the opportunity to pose questions to Rabbi Warren Elf, Father Phil Sumner, Mufti Hilal Mahmood and Mr Bhemji Patel on a range of topics.

Students were particularly interested to hear religious perspectives on same sex marriage, illicit drugs, gender issues, inter-faith marriage and mental health. The religious leaders were even put on the spot with tricky questions, such as which religion they would choose if they had to change religion.

Rosie McLaren, the college’s Essential Life Skills Coordinator and the event’s organiser, said, “the event is an important part of the college calendar as it promotes harmony, understanding and cooperation between all members of the community and helps us create a town where everyone is valued and has a sense of belonging.”

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