OSFC Host Oxbridge Launch

3rd February 2020 by OSFC. Comments (0)

On Friday 31 January, OSFC hosted one of Oxford and Cambridge universities’ application information sessions which was attended by 60 of our Year 12 students, alongside groups of students from the sixth forms of Blue Coat, Hulme Grammar and King David High School.

Academics and admissions staff from Cambridge delivered a motivating talk, encouraging the students to aim high and aspire to study at these prestigious universities. The students were given further information about the collegiate system, student life, entry requirements for different subjects, and the teaching methods used at both universities. The Oxbridge application and interview process for 2020 was outlined in a detailed, step by step process. The students were also given a greater insight into how best to prepare themselves for an Oxbridge application, including helpful advice on where to look for wider reading and ideas on what to do to explore their chosen subject in more depth.

OSFC Assistant Principal, Richard Lee, was delighted that Oxford and Cambridge chose the college as host, and was really pleased with their support: “Applying to Oxford or Cambridge can seem daunting, initially, but, with the right information, careful preparation, and dedicated support, there is no reason why students from Oldham cannot progress to these universities. This year, six of our Year 13 students have offers from Oxford/Cambridge and I am sure this session will have inspired our Year 12s to commit to applying in October 2020.”

Former OSFC student and Oxford University Medicine graduate, Dr Sanna Waseem, was also in attendance and shared her experiences of applying to and studying at one of these highly renowned universities. Sanna encouraged the students to visit both universities to help them make an informed decision and to narrow down their choice of specific colleges.

Following the launch event, Sanna met with current OSFC student Abdul Mamman-Akaaba, who is holding a conditional offer to study Medicine at Oxford University. Sanna congratulated Abdul then answered his questions on studying at Oxford University and pursuing a career in Medicine. Sanna was both honest and informative in her answers, offering him valuable advice on the importance of being organised and proactive with his workload from the start of his studies and to never be afraid to ask questions, whether that is to lecturers or medical professionals. Sanna had a clear message to Abdul to help him with his transition to Oxford University: “Be you! Be proud of your journey and the hard work you’ve put in to get there. Your past experiences are what will help you to be relatable in the field of medicine and to mould you into the doctor you will become.”

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