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Providing Industry Placements

What is an industry placement?

Industry placements are part of the new T Level qualification for 16-18 year olds. T Levels are high quality technical qualifications which involve 80% classroom study, where students will learn core theory and concepts, and 20% industry placement lasting 315 hours.  

You will be providing the knowledge and experience needed to open the door to highly skilled employment, higher level study or a higher apprenticeship.


What are the benefits?

  • Raise the profile of your business
  • Extra resources for day-to-day projects
  • A cost-effective recruitment pipeline for entry-level jobs
  • Bringing in imaginative and new ideas
  • An opportunity to provide an experience for a young person and help them get on the career ladder
  • Create opportunities for the local community
  • Upskilling of existing staff through coaching and mentoring
  • Create a more diverse workforce
  • Build a partnership with Oldham Sixth Form College


How do I find out more?

Download our T Level Employer Guide or contact our Industry Placement Coordinators 


  T Level Employer Guide 


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