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Course Summary

Biology is the study of life. From new Alzheimer’s treatments to the recent Ebola epidemic, Biology is always in the news.  In the first term of this course, you will study the important molecules which make up cells and the organelles within the cells.  In the second term, you will study how cells form organs which carry out specific functions in organisms e.g. the heart in the circulatory system and the immune system, important in protection from disease. You’ll work through a varied practical-led course with lessons, supportive workshops and other opportunities such as trips.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Leeds- Medicine
  • Manchester Metropolitan University- Forensic Biology
  • The University of Liverpool- Biochemistry
  • Liverpool John Moores- Pharmacy
  • The University of Manchester- Dentistry

Career destinations:

Past Biology student have gone on to study at some of the UK’s top universities. Biology leads onto HE courses and careers in areas such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Teaching.  Biologists also work in the fields of Zoology, Nutrition and Ecology.

Entry Requirements:

You will need a minimum grade 5 in Combined Science or at least two 5s from single Science GCSEs, including a 5 in Biology.

Assessment Method:

Year 1 and Year 2 100% exam

Additional support:

If you want to do a degree in Medicine,Dentistry or Veterinary Science, special sessions are available to help you prepare for these highly competitive courses. Activities include preparation for the UKCAT and BMAT external examination, research into the health of the nation and debates on ethical issues.

You will be given the opportunity to gain vital work experience and to practise for those crucial interview techniques. There will be sessions with your tutor and an opportunity to meet with admissions tutors and representatives from local universities.

Student Case Studies:

Victoria Price

Victoria Price

Biology was one of my strongest subjects in secondary school and this course looked really interesting and challenging so I decided to take it. I like the whole subject and would recommend it to anyone. The practicals are fun and interesting; I always enjoy taking part in them.

I also like the topics you study; they are really absorbing and thought provoking. I think it’s brilliant the way lessons use different ways to teach parts of topics, like case studies in group work to help understand and remember moral issues.

When I leave College I hope to go on to do a degree in Forensics at university, either in DNA or collecting and analysing crime scene evidence

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