Media & Film Studies

Additional Activities:

  • New Creative Futures Awareness Day
  • Creative competitions (such as UK Skills)
  • Post-production placements
  • Various trips and visiting speakers

Popular Combinations:

These subjects combine well with each other, but you can also choose to study one alongside a variety of A Levels from a range of disciplines.Popular choices include:

Possible Progression

These subjects can lead to a wide range of media related degree courses, particularly those that contain analytical, theoretical or technological components (eg Film Studies, Media Studies, Advertising, Broadcast Journalism).They are useful for any career that involves communication or creativity.

Results 2019

Topic Pass Rate%
Film Studies 100
Media Studies 100
Marsha Thomason

Student Case Study

Marsha Thomason

Marsha studies A Levels in English Language, Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts at Oldham Sixth Form College. She has had many lead roles in hit TV series, in the UK and in the Unites States, including her role as Naomi Dorrit in Lost. Marsha now lives in California, but hasn’t forgotten her time at Oldham Sixth Form College, and remains an avid supporter of Manchester City. She said, “I love Oldham Sixth Form College – it is my happiest educational moment. We were the first students in the brand new building which was very appealing. It was just a wonderful experience; we were allowed to wear our own clothes, we were out of uniform, we were allowed to call the teachers by their first names.”

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