Course Summary:

Philosophy poses some of the greatest and most challenging questions that have ever been asked. Do you often ask yourself big questions like: Are we born with knowledge? Can the existence of God be proved? Is murder always wrong? Do we all see colours in the same way? If you can’t help but try and tackle these huge questions, and you enjoy debates and discussions, then philosophy is for you! As a philosophy student you will become naturally inquisitive, an active thinker and a solver of problems which will, in turn, develop your critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of York – Politics
  • The University of Salford – Criminology and Sociology
  • Royal Holloway University of London – Management & Marketing
  • University of Glasgow – Philosophy
  • MMU – Environment, Technology & Philosophy

Career destinations:

Philosophy is a good choice for a wide range of HE courses and for careers in the Legal professions, Police, Civil Service and charity work. Philosophy will also help you gain a range of transferable skills including critical, analytical, problem solving and communication skills.

Entry Requirements:

A minimum Grade 5 in English Language or English Literature

Assessment Method:

Year 1 and Year 2 100% Exam

Student Case Studies:

Ellis Hodgkiss

Ellis Hodgkiss

“Philosophy stood out to me as being a subject which offered the chance to explore interesting ideas and debates about things I had often thought about myself such as how we experience the world and the existence of God. I found all the topics covered in my A level course to be very interesting! The classes are always full of debates, where there is a lot of freedom to express your own opinions and thoughts on the idea or theory you are studying. Furthermore while the topics covered in the philosophy course aren’t always easy to grasp straight away, it is very rewarding once you realise you understand a very abstract concept! When I leave OSFC I want to go to Leeds University to study Cultural Studies.”

Mariam Inayat

Mariam Inayat

“I chose Philosophy because I think it’s an intriguing subject which keeps you interested throughout all your lessons. It has also given me a new outlook on life as it provides you with knowledge on questions you’ve always asked yourself. Enjoying your subjects makes revision less of a task! I like the level of communication between tutors and students – they are never far away if you need any extra help or support.”

Mariam is planning to go on to university to study Marine Biology after College.

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