Psychology & Health

Additional Activities

  • Forensic Psychology Conference
  • Health and Social Care charity fundraisers
  • Visiting speakers

Popular Combinations

These subjects combine well with each other, but you can also choose to study one alongside a variety of A Levels from a range of disciplines.Popular choices include:

Possible Progression

At Level 3, these subjects can lead to a wide range of HE courses and careers. Students can progress to Degree or Diploma courses in areas such as Nursing, Social Work, Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Teaching, Clinical or Educational Psychology, Management, HR or Journalism.The Level 2 course is an excellent foundation for the Level 3 course and for entry into a range of Health and Social care careers.

Results 2019

Topic Pass Rate%
Health and Social Care (BTEC) 99
Psychology 99
Hannah Beaumont

Student Case Study

Hannah Beaumont

Hannah decided from very early on in her time at College that she wanted to be a Paramedic and applied to various universities as competition for the courses was very high. She has been working for the North West Ambulance Service (East Manchester Division) since November 2011, and recently passed her advanced driving test meaning she is qualified to work on the Rapid Response Vehicles.

Hannah has been nominated for an award by her division in recognition of the way she stayed calm and carried out her duties as the first paramedic on the scene at a major incident in Shaw.

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