English Language

Course Summary:

Here in the English Language department we explore almost everything that uses words! English Language isn’t meant to just be read; we observe how English Language comes alive in spoken conversation, political speeches and modern social media. We explore language in all its varieties and diversity. We link it to gender, jobs, where we live, the social groups to which we belong and the part our language plays in our identity. We`ll also be discussing ideas and issues about our ever changing language. You`ll have the chance to research language independently and to create your own original writing.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Huddersfield – English Language
  • The University of Manchester – English Language for Education
  • The University of Sheffield- Law
  • Leeds College of Art – Creative Advertising
  • The University of Huddersfield – Sports Journalism
  • The University of Leed s- English Language and Linguistics

Career destinations:

Former students are now studying on a range of HE courses, including Creative Writing and Journalism at De Montfort University and English and Arabic at University of Manchester. English Language is perfect for careers involving writing skills, developing arguments, analysing text or evidence, and/or creative thinking. Higher apprenticeships in the creative industries are also an increasingly popular choice for some A Level students.

Entry Requirements:

A 4 in English Language and English Literature. Not taken English Literature at school? Get in touch and we will discuss other ways in which we can evaluate your love of reading and essay writing skills!

Assessment Method:

AS Level 1 Year 100% Exam

A Level 2 Year 80% Exam 20% Coursework


We offer a range of enrichment opportunities including

  • A creative writing enrichment class for those who particularly enjoy writing and for students considering a career involving writing.
  • Support for students wishing to apply for Oxford and Cambridge.

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