The curriculum area of English, Modern Languages, Media and Film attracts students who hold interests in, are involved in, or have an appetite for culture and creativity.

Curriculum Area Leader

Lewis Entwistle

“Our students thrive on a diet of literary and writing culture in the three different English A levels taught. Students who thirst for European language culture enjoy the wider horizons that Modern Languages offer. The contemporary cultures represented in today’s film and media introduce students to the diversity of values, views and opinions that surround us, are part of us, and make us who we are.

Students progress onto degree programmes that are very wide ranging. Some students will pursue their A level subject to a higher level, others will use their knowledge and study skills acquired in our subjects to follow different degree pathways.”

Future Options

Studying English, Media and Film or Foreign Languages opens up a world of creative opportunities in Journalism, Publishing, TV, Radio, Film, Advertising, Marketing, Museums and Libraries, Theatre, Public Relations, Events, Travel, Teaching, Translation, to name but a few.

The figures underline the economic importance of the creative occupations to the UK, which earns an estimated £84.1bn a year just from the creative industries themselves, these industries are major producers and exporters of talent and creativity across Europe and beyond.


  • Theatre trips
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Trip to John Rylands Library
  • English Language Residential to London
  • Exchange Trips to Le Mans, Berlin and Cantabria
  • Trips to university study conferences

Results 2019

Topic Pass Rate%
English Language 100
English Language and Literature 100
English Literature 100
Holly Bryson

Student Case Study

Holly Bryson

Holly managed to gain work experience at ITV after university and after that placement was kept on as a runner, before being invited to interview for a year’s traineeship in the factual department as a junior researcher.

Her application was successful and she has continued to work in the department after her traineeship. Highlights of her career so far have included travelling to Poland with a Holocaust survivor to tell his story, and meeting and working with Holly Wells’ family.

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