Computing & IT

Additional Activities

  • British Informatics Olympiad
  • Visit to National Media Museum, Bradford
  • Visit to Disneyland Paris for an IT Conference

Popular Combinations:

These subjects combine well with each other, but you can also choose to study one alongside a variety of A Levels from a range of disciplines.Popular choices include:

Possible Progression:

These subjects can lead to a range of ICT and Computing related HE courses and careers in areas such as Software Engineering, Multimedia, Computing and Web Page Development.

Results 2019

Topic Pass Rate%
Computer Science 98
Information Technology (CamTec) 96
Daniel Sykes

Student Case Study

Daniel Sykes

Daniel is now a post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College. His post involves some teaching, conducting experiments (eg with robots or software) writing up the results and, when papers are published, attending conferences with other researchers from all over the world.

He says of OSFC “My abiding memory is of the warmth and humour of the teachers and the sense that they really wanted to give you the best chance in life.”

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