Business & Law

Additional Activities

  • Residential trip to Barcelona
  • Residential trip to London
  • Business Studies Conference
  • Young Enterprise
  • Trips to Chester Zoo/Cadbury’s/Morgan Cars/National Coal Mining Museum
  • Economics pre-university course at University of Manchester
  • Law: Mock Trial at Civic Centre and visits to Magistrates and Crown Courts

Popular Combinations:

These subjects combine well with each other, but you can also choose to study one alongside a variety of A Levels from a range of disciplines.Popular choices include:

Possible Progression:

Our Level 3 Business subjects can lead to a wide range of HE courses or careers. Possible employment opportunities include trainee management positions in areas such as Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources.Students may also progress to further study or careers in the Legal Professions, Civil Service, Inland Revenue, the Police Service and the Prison Service. The Level 2 Business course can lead to a BTEC Diploma in Business or Travel and Tourism at OSFC.

Results 2019

Topic Pass Rate%
Business Studies 97
Certificate in Financial Studies 99
Economics 100
Law 100
Business BTEC 100
Law BTEC 100
Drew Campbell

Student Case Study

Drew Campbell

In between College and university, Drew worked and travelled extensively throughout Europe, America, Australia and Asia. After completing a successful internship with Barclays Wealth Managemet, Drew chose to take on a full-time graduate position as an Analyst with a San Francisco based software company, based in their new London office and is really enjoying the experience.
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