At Home: Reflections on how it feels to be at home living a different kind of life

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AS and A level photography students were given an external competition brief; At Home: Reflections on how it feels to be at home living a different kind of life.  It is a very powerful and current brief and will go down in history as an event in time.  It is a great way for students to think about their circumstance and embrace it through their creativity.  Art is a therapeutic medium and over the past 6 weeks individuals, families and children have embraced the beauty of art.  We should share and celebrate it and hope it will touch the hearts of many and make them smile in these unprecedented times.

Daisy Kenway

Living in a nationwide lockdown makes time seem to move differently. Hours, days and weeks blend together, with the only discernible changes coming with the weather and the light at different times of day. Although our surroundings remain the same, and every day may feel identical, nature reminds us that time is moving forward. At first this may seem daunting, however it also reminds us that with every day we move closer to a more promising future.

Aimah Naqvi

In this image I wanted to reflect the repetition of everyday activities, I shot the image in my room to keep the idea of isolation and entrapment from the outside world and I used props such as a phone to show how that is the only source to know what is going on outside, and the book to show how I am trying to keep myself busy by doing  work or generally learning new things. Overall everyday feels the same and how we are limited to what we do at home.

Sanchia Edwards

To me, this piece represents several aspects of the lockdown: On the face of it, it shows how the once bustling streets are now quiet, only being walked by our key workers. On a deeper level however, I feel the piece represents just how isolating this time can be for some people and the impact that is having on their mental health; The location is significant to my mental health, as I suffer from PTSD from the arena attack, and with the third year anniversary looming, Ive personally found this lockdown detrimental to my health. With this being said, I believe a lot of people could find a sense of representation within this image, no matter where the location may have been.

I chose to title This piece “Oh how times have changed” as our concept of “normal life” has changed, and it feels quite distant from the reality we have now become accustomed to.

Better Days are on the Horizon, stay positive 🙂

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