New Staff Programme

New Staff Programme

We are aware that teachers new to the College, and particularly those new to the profession, need a high degree of support from more experienced colleagues. To help new staff enjoy a successful first year we have the following procedures:

Whole College Support

All new teaching staff take part in the New Staff Programme. This means that, over the course of the first term they attend a number of lunchtime sessions to familiarise them with College systems, to introduce them to members of senior staff and allow them to meet colleagues across the College curriculum.

Departmental Support

All new staff will have an official nominated Induction Mentor within their department. The Induction Mentor will provide support and guidance both within the department and the College as a whole. The Induction Mentor should familiarise new staff with departmental procedures, with College systems and with the operation of major College events.

Newly Qualified teachers (NQTS)

NQTs will have a reduced timetable in line with DFE recommendations and will follow the statutory induction year. They will also have a departmental Induction Mentor who will provide help and advice, and will observe the NQT and support their progress throughout the year.NQTs also receive additional guidance from their Curriculum Area Leader (CAL) and the Associate Director: Teaching and Learning who manages the ‘New Staff Programme’.All 11-18 qualified NQTs will spend a minimum of two weeks teaching children of a compulsory school age during their ‘Induction Year’. This will be arranged in consultation with the AD: TL, and usually will take advantage of the College’s close links with its ‘Partner’ schools.An NQT’s first year is a demanding one, but the College works hard to ensure it is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

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