Mission Statement & Values

OSFC has a clear Mission, which is reviewed annually. It has not been drastically reworked since the College’s inception and underpins all aspects of the College’s work.

“To give our students an outstanding education so they can lead purposeful and successful lives.”


We want to be the first-choice post-16 provider for the young people of Oldham and the surrounding area. We want to transform their lives by working together to develop in them the knowledge, skills and behaviours to thrive in education and employment, and to make valuable and lasting contributions to the local community and beyond. We believe we can achieve this by being outstanding in everything we do and, more specifically, by:

  • Placing teaching and learning at the heart of our work
  • Recruiting, retaining and training our staff (I feel this one needs more…)
  • Investing purposefully to create an innovative learning environment
  • Offering a curriculum of unparalleled breadth and relevance
  • Delivering the widest possible choice of extracurricular opportunities
  • Caring for the welfare of all our students at all times
  • Celebrating diversity and inclusivity within the college community
  • Developing the social and cultural capital to enrich all learners
  • Providing first-rate advice and guidance so students can make informed choices about their futures
  • Fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for learning in our students

We want students to leave Oldham Sixth Form College fully prepared for the next stage of their lives. We want them to be confident, independent and resilient. We want to inspire them to become extraordinary.

College Values

  • We are OPEN

We are an open college, where students have access to wide-ranging opportunities and safe environment to meet new people and celebrate diversity. We are a college built around mutual respect, where students have the freedom and liberty to ask questions and express themselves in accordance with the law.


We are a successful college, where students are equipped with outstanding skills and knowledge, and challenged to raise their aspirations and exceed potential, regardless of their background, abilities of beliefs, so they can play a positive part in British society.

  • We are FAMILY

We are a college family, bonded by a commitment for respecting individuality and difference, all sharing positive aspirations of a free and happy future. Our students are understanding and tolerant of others and willing to stand up for one another against injustice and oppression through democracy and fairness.

  • We are CONFIDENT

We are a confident college, where students are given responsibility to work hard and represent themselves, becoming resilient and focused to transform their future. Our students benefit from strong partnerships and pathways, learn from challenges and experience, and are ready to continue their journey with conviction and purpose.

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