Charging Policy

At Oldham Sixth Form College, we believe that the education of our students is much enhanced by the many opportunities which are offered for activities and excursions out of College, although they may not always be an essential part of any course. In some instances charges are also made for certain aspects of some subject courses, so that the level of Government funding does not limit opportunities for students.The Education Reform Act 1988 requires the College to publish its policy in these respects.

Students in receipt of the bursary fund will be able to claim some support to cover some of the charges listed below. Further details and applications forms for the Bursary fund are available on the College website.

Parental Resources Contribution

On Enrolment all new students are requested to pay a Parental Resources Contribution of £25. The money collected supports a wide range of activities and facilities and allows students to borrow equipment.

Please note: Payment will be accepted by our on-line payment facility. There is an option to pay by cash or cheque on our enrolment days. Cheques should be made payable to Oldham Sixth Form College.

ID Card

For security reasons all staff and students are required to carry identity cards. The ID card also acts as a Library card, a resources card for photocopying and buying additional print credits and other essentials. This card will also be used to provide credit for bursary students who are eligible for free college meals in the College cafes.The first card is issued free of charge and if a student forgets a card then a temporary card will be issued free of charge (valid for 24 hours) up to a maximum of 3 times in any academic year. However if a student repeatedly forgets their card they will be required to pay a £2 fine for a further temporary card. A new card can be purchased for £3.

Files, paper and printing and photocopying

Students are expected to provide their own stationery.All students will receive an initial budget of £10 to cover printing costs. Printing will be charged at 2p per A4 sheet for black and white printing and 10p per A4 sheet for colour printing. A3 prices are double the A4 prices. Students who use up all of their £10 quota will need to buy extra print credit. Printing credits can be purchased in The Know.Students on any Art, Media or IT course will receive extra print credits in line with the individual departments print credit allowances. Students will receive notification at the start of their course on how many credits they will receive.

Financial Contributions for Specific Subjects

Any special clothing, equipment and/or materials students will need to participate fully in the learning activities of all your courses are free. However there are some specialist materials that students are required to purchase and the following summary gives students advance warning of the required materials and resources for specific subjects.In many cases, students may want to purchase a textbook or periodical for personal use. However copies will be made available for students to use in lessons if needed.

Art & Design

Students are required to purchase their own sketch books, folders and other resources. These resources can be purchased through the College at a discounted rate.Students are provided with a number of colour print credits as per the requirements of each Art subject. If these credits are used up then they will be required to purchase extra credits. A4 10p and A3 20p.


Clothing and equipment necessary for student’s health and safety are provided free of charge but should remain within the laboratories. A student may purchase their own protective equipment for sole use.


All Maths subjects require students to purchase a graphical calculator. The College has sourced these calculators at a competitive price for students to purchase and there is a ‘buy back’ option at the end of the course. Bursary students receive 50% support towards this cost.


Students may be required to undertake private music lessons outside of College and the College does not provide any support towards these extra lessons. Bursary students will receive a maximum of £100 support in any academic year towards these costs.


Students are required to provide their own suitable clothing and footwear for practical lessons. The PE department also sells sweatshirts and t-shirts with the College logo on them but it is not a requirement of the course to purchase these.

Educational Visits

Most departments organise excursions out of College to supplement and enhance the teaching carried out in the subject. The cost of the travel and any entrance fees are shared equally by all participating students. Most of these visits do not involve overnight accommodation, but, for those residential visits that do, an additional charge is made to students for board and lodgings.For all excursions out of College parents/carers are required to sign a consent form to confirm their agreement with, and their understanding of, the arrangements.Please also note that, once the agreement has been signed parents/carers will be expected to pay for the trip in full should the student subsequently leave college or decide not to partake

Enrichment and Leisure Facilities

There is a one-off fee of £21 for Induction to the multi-gym and a £5 deposit is required for sports hall locker key rental.The College students are able to partake in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and a charge is made for all expeditions including campsite fees, travel costs and food.Other voluntary activities and trips may take place during the year and students are expected to pay in full for all costs eg ski trip, theatre trips.   Please note: These trips are not eligible for bursary support.Some optional Enrichment activity may involve outside organisations and so a charge has to be made to students. Such charges are clearly publicised in advance and there are always other, non-chargeable options available throughout the College year.

The Know (Library and Learning Resource Centre)

Fines are charged at the rate of 5p per item per day for overdue loans and students will be invoiced at the end of the academic year for any book that is outstanding either from the library or a departmental issue.A small number of stationery items are available to purchase in The Know. A full list of items is displayed in the information desk in The Know.

Application fees for Higher Education (UCAS)

UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) makes a charge for participation in the scheme and this is paid by the student/(parent).

Interviews and Open Days for Higher Education and Employment

In the case of those visits to Open Days which are specifically organised by College, the cost of the travel is shared by all participating students equally.Students who choose to attend other Open Days under their own arrangements must meet all the expenses involved.

Charges for Examination Entries

For all College courses leading to external examinations, the administering boards charge an entry fee.College will pay the first examination entry fee for all students who satisfactorily complete their courses. Satisfactory completion of the course involves fulfilment of all required coursework assignments and satisfactory attendance in all lessons, unless there are special circumstances which justify an easing of this rule.The cost of students resitting their GCSE English or Maths will be supported by the College.Students whose attendance drops below the satisfactory attendance criteria may be required to pay for their examination entry fees.Students who choose to take any examination more than once at College, or to retake an individual modular examination, are asked to pay the resit entry fee themselves together with a £1 administration fee for each examination entry. The exceptional case is the resitting of a module due to serious illness at the original scheduled time. Under these circumstances College would pay the examination fee.Some absences may be considered as exceptional circumstances, in line with Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidelines. Students in this position will not be required to pay entry fees.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Any student who is participating in work experience with young children or vulnerable adultsas part of their course (a requirement for their qualification) will pay a total of £44.00.  Bursary students will receive 50% support towards this cost.Any student who is applying for work shadowing or volunteering outside of their courses (for experience, to put on their CV/personal statement etc) will still need to complete a DBS form and as the student would be classed as a volunteer there will be no charge.

Bursary Students

Bursary students who have over 95% attendance throughout the academic year will receive 50% support towards any trip, purchase of equipment or music lessons to a maximum of £100 per year. They will also receive 50% support towards any examination resit fee.

College Property

Students will be charged for any loss or damage caused, whether deliberately or accidentally, to any textbook, equipment or property belonging to the College or to the fabric of the building itself. The amount levied will be either full cost of replacement or repair, current at the time of the incident, or an appropriate amount, at the discretion of the Director of Finance.Wilful damage to College property would almost certainly result in the student being asked to leave and, if appropriate, a formal prosecution.

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