Behaviour Policy

Consistencies in student behaviour

To ensure the success of all our students, we expect them to be:

  • Responsible: to take ownership of their learning and to follow college procedures
  • Respectful: to work maturely, positively and respectfully with their peers and staff
  • Ready to learn: to attend all lessons, on time, and to work with commitment in and out of lessons.

There may be occasions when the behaviour of students does not meet our expectations. If this is the case, we will intervene in order to get them back on track. If we deem it to be necessary, we will contact you, both to you inform you, and possibly ask for your input.

Consistencies in staff behaviour

In all interventions with students, staff will:

  • Model positive behaviours
  • Meet and greet students
  • Recognise and celebrate commitment, behaviour and achievement.
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