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Why Christmas can be hard for some? - Homelessness

Why Christmas can be hard for some? - Homelessness

By Myrah Yaseen

For many people, Christmas is a time for cherishing family & friends and a time of togetherness. Many families will have big meals with extended family, or people simply spend time with the people they love, but that isn't the case for everyone…


Christmas is a difficult time for many people and it is a time where people feel the most alone, this could be due to homelessness. 


Homelessness at Christmas is a massive problem in the UK. The statistics over the last few years show the recurring theme that over 200,000 are homeless at Christmas with 1 in 100 people being children. This year, there has been a 14% increase in the amount of homeless people due to factors such as the cost of living crisis. Around 309,000 (1 in 182) people will be homeless this Christmas. There is also minimum access to help for the homeless as it is shown that 1 in 4 homeless people are turned away from homes etc. 


As the homeless are at their most vulnerable and lonely during Christmas, many people try to help as much as they can to make it just that little bit easier. The Salvation Army puts a lot in place to help the homeless as much as possible, providing  a Christmas lunch, food parcels and toys for those who cannot afford them as well as providing a warm place to sleep at night - people help out through donations, volunteering etc, for extra information visit: The Christmas Appeal. Shelter is also collecting donations for the homeless and those who are on the verge of it as this has been a very difficult year financially for many people. Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Shelter, said “Homelessness is on nobody’s Christmas list, but 309,000 people will spend this time of year in a tiny hostel room or freezing in a doorway”. To donate, visit: Shelter.  


Call Oldham Council’s housing line 0161 770 4605 or Manchester City Council’s 0161 234 4692 if in need of help this Christmas.