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Uni: a personal reflection

Uni: a personal reflection

By Ethan Branigan

Now as Year 13 students, we are faced with the transition from college to University. It is a time when young people begin to step fully into the adult world, and become increasingly more independent whether they decide to go to University or not.

I expect University will have many challenges and the opportunity for greater independence (and responsibility). I may have to balance a part time job and paying bills with time to study and yes, of course, socialise. Ultimately, the transition is a fresh and new experience which can shape not just what I know, but potentially the future path of my whole life! 

Being apprehensive is common, as anything new is bound to make one feel anxious. Indeed, the rumours of University paint a picture of an exciting  lifestyle which involves fun, freedom and the opportunity to socially engage with the wider world. However, it will also include hard work, dedication and the ability to remain concentrated throughout the course. 

I am looking forward to the challenge. I imagine University will be a similar transition to starting sixth form college, as it is a new experience,  and will enlighten me to new and unexpected possibilities. When I started college it was comforting  having people I already knew joining me at Oldham Sixth Form, it enabled me to settle in and feel part of college life quickly. At university, however, I anticipate a bigger challenge as there will be lots of new faces, even though I already have some friends currently studying at my first choice uni. I am hoping  to study Psychology at Salford.

I am looking forward to the future with the expectation of where  my degree might lead me. I believe the challenge will be a really good one - meeting new people and embracing new ideas that I hope can make me  a  more creative and confident person. I hope to flourish in a career that comes  as a result of the life changing opportunities that uni can offer.