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Speak up to Man up

Speak up to Man up!

By Aaliyah Jade Ashford

November is men’s mental health awareness month, dedicated to raising awareness and acknowledging the wide range of issues that can affect the well-being of men. Gender stereotypes and societal expectations are a large reason why some men refrain from discussing and seeking help when facing problems with their mental health. This month is important not only to encourage males to speak out, but to combat these damaging expectations and prompt us to have equal amounts of concern for everyone facing issues regardless of their gender.

Statistically ¾ of suicides committed in the UK are by men making it the largest killer of men under 50, hence why prevention is is crucial.

If you feel as if you or someone you know is struggling mentally try to reach out to them or help them seek support. If you feel as though you are struggling, try to prioritise looking after yourself and talk to someone who you feel could help or seek out resources that support mental health.

Remember that depression, anxiety, stress and many other issues affect everyone differently however, the signs should never be dismissed. Men should be comfortable being vulnerable and not pressured into seeming more manly.

For more information the following websites for Movember, Mind and the NHS can give you help and support: