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Students Enjoy CSI Forensic Science Workshop

Students Enjoy CSI Forensic Science Workshop

On Thursday 25 November, first year Criminology students took part in a Forensic Science Workshop delivered by Pulse CSI. It was an exciting opportunity to not only gain valuable practical experience and knowledge but to also have fun whilst learning.

Workshop Facilitator, Jacqui Thompson, describes the day as follows:

"The CSI Workshop was designed to engage your students in “Forensic Science" through practical hands-on activities based around Crime Scene Investigation and the importance of physical Forensic evidence and how it is used within the Criminal Justice System and in particular in a court of law.  Your students were kept motivated, inspired, engaged and completely on task throughout the full day’s workshop, as you part witnessed!  The workshop is designed to promote Science and STEM and Raise Aspirations and Attainment in Science and STEM."

During the morning session all students learnt about the processes and applications used in crime scenes including; fingerprinting, using magnetic powder and black ink, as well as analysing footwear, hair and fibres. They also looked at the collection and preservation of evidence at a crime scene, the importance of evidence retrieval and the significant part it plays in a court of law, giving a fascinating insight into the Criminal Justice System. 

 In the afternoon, students were allocated a White SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes to wear in preparation to apply their newly acquired skill-set in solving their own group Crime Scenes. Everyone worked together to investigate and report their findings with the help of Suspect Profiles, utilising all the authentic forensic resources. This session in particular helped to promote team building and problem solving.

The practical and engaging workshop was a hit with all of the students. Emily, who started studying Criminology in September said:

Today has been so interesting. I have loved being able to find out about what goes on behind the scenes at a crime scene. This is definitely something that I would like to learn more about in the future, and would definitely like a career related to forensic science.

Criminology is a fairly new course to OSFC but is one that is rewarding and interesting. The qualification looks at the types of crime that take place within our society. How do we decide which behaviour is criminal? How do we explain why some people commit crime and how can we use different theories of criminality to explain this behaviour? You will study real life cases in order to gain an understanding of the criminal justice system from the crime scene, all the way to the courtroom and look at how social control is achieved within our society. If you have a genuine interest in understanding a criminal's mind; you want to understand the different types of crime; and you want to understand how crimes lead to different punishments, then this could be the course for you.

The CSI workshop was really informative and fun, it was great for the students to take part in practical activities that they have learnt about in the classroom
                                                                                                          - Caroline Cogger, Course Leader

 Check out the gallery below for more scenes of the exciting day: