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Charity - Why do we need Pink Day?

Charity - Why do we need Pink Day?

Written by Ethan Branigan

What is charity and why do we need it? A charity is an organization which is simply put in use to spread awareness and also to encourage people to donate to their cause. There are a variety of different charities from the Age UK to the  British Heart Foundation. 

So what is their overall aim? Their overall aim is to promote the cause at hand in order to highlight the reality certain people face. Commonly seen within the media when big campaigns like Children In Need or Comic Relief are launched, they draw the attention of many of us. A great example of how apparent charity is would be Wear Pink For Breast Cancer or ‘Pink Day’ as we call it at OSFC. 

Pink Day charity is an example of successful awareness and fundraising that are central to charitable work, and it reminds us of the importance of connection as people come together in a  common cause. This is done through events where all pink is worn. £33 million has been raised since 2002, with over 10,000 events taking place through the Pink Day charity. 

At OSFC money is raised through baking and selling cakes. Tables groaning with cake and sweets have tempted us all, although sticky buns, blondies, rocky-road and flapjack have challenged our dental health! However it is all worth it -  the positivity it brings and the sense of fun generated by quantities of sugar consumption, a life sized pink panther and pink themed board games all help to  highlight the charity’s important work. And it binds us all together. So far we have raised over £500.