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Black History Month 2022

Black History Month 2022


OSFC will be recognising and celebrating Black History Month in October, but what is Black History Month?

The annual celebrations began originally in the United States, but Black History Month (BHM) has quickly transformed into an international event. The month celebrated the  achievements and  the recognition of African Americans and was communicated through support events, raising  of awareness, and the work of  anti-racism charities.

Today BHM re-enforces our sense of community worldwide and international celebrations revolve around key iconic figures, who are recognised for their accomplishments. One of this year’s themes will focus on the work of pioneers in the field of medicine and  breakthroughs they achieved, whilst another is health and wellness. Indeed, close friends of mine and family members say the sense of community, of respect and of solidarity creates a welcome sense of comfort and togetherness.  

Local and national institutions, cultural events, charities, and students here at college will be celebrating this history and raising the awareness of the accomplishments of Black Britons. 

By Ethan Branigan, Yr 13 student