Oldham Sixth Form College


E - Sports Specialist Programme

E-Sports Specialist Programme

This full time programme will introduce you to the key components required for game design and E–Sports virtual worlds, but with the flexibility of a blended programme which incorporates both Vocational and A Level qualifications. The subjects within this programme give you the necessary skills to apply for HE courses in game design, production development, promotion and marketing; whilst also introducing you to the theoretical underpinning of audience and spectatorship, constructing narratives and character representation, alongside business development, project management and sports performance.

In addition to your subjects you will be expected to take part in our E-Sports enrichment challenge.


Core subject: A Level Computer Science or IT Single Award to develop your programming skills


Plus one subject from (to develop your understanding of technical skills, theory and practice):

A Level Media

A Level Film

A Level Graphics

Music Technology Single Award


Plus one subject from (to develop your event and project management skills):

Single Award Business

Single Award Travel and Tourism

Single Award Sport 


Plus one other subject from the list above or recommended course (to develop academic breadth).