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Information Technology (Blended)

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I've always had an interest in IT, electronics and computers, so this course was a natural choice as it covered all of those areas. 

Information Technology (Blended)

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1

    50% Exam; 50% Coursework

  • Year 2

    40% Exam; 60% Coursework

  • Exam board
    OCR (Cambridge Technical - Single Diploma)


What Will You Learn?

Information Technology influences nearly all aspects of our lives and will do for years to come. If you are interested in computers and want to learn more about how they can be used to solve real life problems and the impact that they are having on society, business and the environment, then this course is for you. All of the topics are focussed on the ‘now’ of Information Technology and the world of Computing.


Single Award

Year 1: Certificate in IT

Fundamentals of IT (Exam)

Global Information (Exam)

Year 2:  Introductory Diploma  (all coursework units)

Application Design

Games Design and Prototyping

Social Media and Digital Marketing

  • Cyber Security
  • Global Information
  • Product Development
  • Developing a Smarter Planet
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Mobile and Cloud Technology
  • Social Media and Digital marketing
  • The Internet of Everything
  • Computer Hardware and software
  • Networks

Special Features

As part of the course, useful links with employers will be formed - placements  and employer input into assignments. 

Trips take place throughout the year, including a day at Amazon’s distribution centre.

Where Will This Lead?

HE courses include Software Engineering, Multimedia, Computing, Cyber Security, Games Development, Hardware Engineering and Web Page Development, Animation and Network Technology.

A growing number of our IT students are now pursuing the apprenticeship route, with Greater Manchester being seen as a major computing and technology hub. Many of these are linked to local universities for Level 4 accreditation.

An understanding of Information Technology is useful for a career in any modern industry. The world is now almost totally reliant on computers and IT. Many of today’s students are being prepared and trained for jobs that don’t yet exist, but which may become vital in a few years’ time.