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Economics (A Level)

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Economics is a subject I enjoy because it is something that can be applied on a day to day basis. From government organisation to everyday taxes that will affect us, there is a vast range of intriguing aspects to it.

Economics (A Level)  

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  • Year 1 and 2
    100% Examination
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What Will You Learn?

As the global human population has grown rapidly to 7.7 billion, how do we decide to use our scarce resources (land, water, food etc), what should we produce and how should goods be distributed? You will debate the economic issues which are at the heart of our wealth and wellbeing today; these range from wealth inequality to globalization, the impacts of climate change to unemployment and inflation. Why does Oldham have one of the worst unemployment rates in Greater Manchester, and what solutions can you offer as an economics student?


  • Economic Growth
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • International Trade
  • The Market Mechanism
  • Market Failure

Special Features

  • Pre-University courses at The University of Manchester.
  • Explore and Discover Economics trips to The University of Manchester.

Where Will This Lead?

Students have recently gone on to study: Economics and Social Sciences, Business Economics, Economics and Finance, International Business and Economics and Politics.

Career options include roles such as Financial Analyst, Government Policy Analyst, Market Research and many more across a wide field of sectors. The skills developed in A level Economics and degree level Economics are valued and respected by employers.