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Business (Blended)

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  • Case study





This course will help me in the future by opening possibilities for me in real estate or any other business related course at university 

Business (Blended)

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1 & 2
    58% exam; 42% coursework (4 units, of which 2 are externally assessed)
  • Exam board
    Edexcel (BTEC - Single Diploma)



What Will You Learn?

Businesses are all around us; we all know and can recognise them instantly. Brands like Coca Cola, Cadbury and McDonalds are sold on every high street, in every city across the country. But how do businesses like these work? One day you will be learning about accounting, where accuracy and number skills are paramount to analyse cash flow, costs and profit. The next day you could be measuring how creativity ensures a product will sell. Our course is incredibly varied and covers the essential skills, such as communication and leadership, which you will need to one day manage or lead a business yourself.


 Year 1

  • 1 - Exploring Business
  • 2 - Developing a Marketing Campaign (Exam)

 Year 2

  • 3 - Personal and Business Finance (Exam)
  • 14 - Investigating Customer Service


  • 27 - Work Experience in Business

Special Features

  •  You will have the opportunity to enter BASE - the national business and accounting competition for 16-17 year olds across the UK. This is an exciting experience, where students take part in team challenges, giving them an understanding of what it’s like to be an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, whilst developing their key employability skills.
  • You will have the chance to experience a residential trip to London, trips to Chester Zoo, Cadbury’s World and Alton Towers and to take part in the Young Enterprise scheme (see Xtras section).

Where Will This Lead?

Many of our students continue to study Business at university on a range of exciting courses, including Business Management, International Relations and Marketing. Former students have also moved onto apprenticeships or trainee management positions.