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27th March 2015 by OSFC. Comments (0)

IMG_9392The solar eclipse certainly didn’t overshadow the enthusiasm of the year 6 class from Beever Primary School who took part in the latest LIFT Primary Languages Day on Friday 20th March. Staff and students involved in the event were once again bowled over by the pupils’ motivation and engagement in the day’s language activities as well as being impressed by the pupils’ knowledge of the French language.

‘We have worked with over 10 primary schools now and this programme remains a real highlight of the LIFT Project. The pupils’ energy and desire to learn is infectious. Their ability to absorb new vocabulary is impressive and their willingness to try is to be applauded,’ says Sarah Shaw.

 “It was great to see how enthusiastic all the children were to learn a new language. It made teaching them really enjoyable as they were all so keen to get involved,”

says Alex Dobson, year 13 student at OSFC. Sahdia Khan, another year 13 student who took part in the day, was also impressed with the pupils.

“The children were very enthusiastic and passionate when it came to learning new French vocabulary. They enjoyed the day, and so did I!”

For more information about the LIFT Primary Languages Days or other LIFT events please contact Sarah Shaw at ssw@osfc.ac.uk[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 3700,3699,3698,3697,3696,3695,3694,3693″ link=”lightbox” title=”never”]

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