• OSFC wins national SFCA award for Governance

    We are proud to announce that OSFC has won the national award for governance at the inaugural Sixth Form College Association awards ceremony. OSFC was one of 7 colleges to be honoured at the awards at the SFCA Annual Conference in Nottingham last week. According to the SFCA, the awards have been developed to ‘provide an important opportunity to identify, celebrate and showcase exceptional practice nationally’.
  • OSFC Hustings

    With just over two weeks to go until the General Election, Oldham Sixth Form College has been supporting first time voters to get registered and make an informed decision on June 8th. With support from Unite, The People’s History Museum and the Oldham Youth Council, 140 more students have now registered to vote, just in time for tonight’s deadline.
  • OSFC celebrates TeenTech finalists

    Congratulations to Mohammed Shah Ajir Uddin and Iqra Ijaz, whose innovation has earned them a gold award and a place in the 2017 TeenTech finals at the Royal Society in London. The TeenTech Awards are a chance for teams of innovators to use their imagination and to put forward an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better.
  • Ancient History trip to Rome

    Just before the Easter break, students studying Ancient History enjoyed 3 nights away in Rome. Ancient History tutor, Clare Neilands, said: “We enjoyed a busy schedule which included a trip to the Vatican City, Trajan's markets, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, and a fantastic evening tour where we got to see the Trevi Fountain beautifully lit up."
  • Oldham Student of the Year: Jay Alom

    Congratulations to OSFC student Jahangir (Jay) Alom who was named Oldham Student of the Year in the over 16 category at the Rotary Club Annual Awards Ceremony. This award acknowledges students who make a significant contribution to the community and nominations are received from schools and colleges across the borough. Jay received the award as a result of the many impressive contributions he has made to Oldham Sixth Form College and the local community. Jay took on the role of Lead Sports Ambassador in his first year at college and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to this by taking a central role in organising, and leading, sports events at college, Oldham and further afield.
  • Oldham Sixth Form College wins the Social Mobility Award at the Educate North Awards

    The Educate North Awards were held yesterday evening in Manchester, and we are delighted to announce that Oldham Sixth Form College has won the Social Mobility Award for closing the attainment gap. OSFC’s nomination focussed on the outstanding links with local secondary schools, which raises students’ aspirations for Further Education, and also OSFC’s links with local universities, especially the University of Manchester, which help students understand and prepare for the demands of Higher Education.
  • Success for competing chemists

    Chemistry students have had a successful week attending a schools’ analyst competition at Manchester University and achieving one silver and two bronze certificates in the Chemistry Olympiad. 10 students entered the Olympiad, which is a test based challenge based on chemistry theory and application of knowledge, with the level of difficulty stretching towards university level chemistry. Joshua, who is planning to study Mechanical Engineering at Durham next year, said, “The Olympiad is good revision for exams as it is loosely linked the A Level curriculum. I chose to enter because I thought that if I could handle the Olympiad, then hopefully I will be able to handle the A Level exams.”
  • British Red Cross Refugee Workshops

    On the 20th and 21st April, year 12 students studying Health and Social Care attended refugees and migration workshops delivered by the British Red Cross. The students explored assumptions about refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and considered the effects of discriminating behaviour. At the beginning and the end of the workshop students rated how confident they personally feel about welcoming refugees into their community. Some students’ perceptions were changed as they learnt more about why people leave their home and go to a foreign country, away from friends and family.
  • Spanish student wins top prize in university language competition

    A Level student Isabella Schiavo has won the top prize in Lancaster University’s national languages essay competition. 160 schools and colleges were given the opportunity to enter the competition, which involved writing a fully researched essay on the broad topic of languages and globalisation. Isabella won £100 in book vouchers, which she’s saving up for university books, and the opportunity to visit Lancaster University for the award ceremony and to get involved in lectures and language taster sessions.
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