Student Absence Procedures

Authorised Absence

The College Policy is only to authorise absence for College related activity e.g., university visits, field trips, educational visits, work experience, examinations and official study leave.All other absence is either Notified absence (see below) or unexplained absence which is when you are marked absent without informing College of a reason.

Notifying an Absence (classed as Notified absence, not Authorised absence)

If you are absent from College, you or your parent guardian should notify your absence on the first day of absence by either:

  • Telephoning the college absence line (0161 287 8002) and leave a message on the answering system which is available 24 hours a day,  giving the reason for your absence (you will need to state your Student ID number)
  • Enter details on-line via the student portal (CEDAR) entering the details of your absence along with dates and times.  Always make sure you select the correct date and use lesson times if absent for only part of a day.

If you are unsure how long you will be absent for, you should notify your absence on each day that you are off college.  However, if you know how long you will be off college, you should  give full information including all dates of absence on the first day when you notify the absence.   If we don’t receive a notification of your absence, we may telephone or write to your home to find out why you are away.If you know in advance you are going to be absent (e.g. for a planned doctor/hospital/orthodontist appointment), you can still contact the absence line in advance or enter on-line via the student portal (CEDAR).  It’s always a good idea to inform your personal tutor about this type of absence as well.

Longer Term Absence

If medical or personal circumstances arise that are going to affect your ability to attend College over a prolonged period of time, it is important that you or your parents/guardians make personal contact about this with your personal tutor. Some form of medical evidence may be required.This can be done by telephoning the main College telephone number (0161 287 8000) and ask to either speak to (or leave a message) for your personal tutor if they are not immediately available, they will then call you back.