Year 12 and Year 13 students


New applicants for bursary – please carefully read the booklet below and download the application form.

Year 12 progressing to year 13 students – please note that there may be changes in the bursary process from previous years and so it is important to read the application form and the bursary booklet outlining the terms and download the application form:

  Bursary Application Form (2017/18)   Bursary Booklet (2017/18)   Bursary Hardship Fund Application (2017/18)

Students enrolling at OSFC in 2017/18 can apply for a cash or transport support bursary. Those eligible could receive up to £20 a week* (payable half-termly) to help with College expenses.  Alternatively, students may opt to receive a free monthly First Bus Pass (up to a maximum of 9) or half-termly reimbursement of tram fares (providing a Scholar’s Concessionary Pass has been purchased and used) with payment direct to your bank account. The £5 cost of the Concessionary Pass will also be reimbursed upon proof of purchase.

All bursary students will qualify for a free college meal to the value of £3 per day

All bursary students will receive 50% assistance towards trips costing in excess of £30 and selected resources up to a maximum of £100 in the academic year*

*Terms and conditions apply

**Anyone wishing to apply for a current bursary (2016/17) please collect an application form from the Finance Office