Success for competing chemists

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Chemistry students have had a successful week attending a schools’ analyst competition at Manchester University and achieving one silver and two bronze certificates in the Chemistry Olympiad.

10 students entered the Olympiad, which is a test based challenge based on chemistry theory and application of knowledge, with the level of difficulty stretching towards university level chemistry.  Joshua, who is planning to study Mechanical Engineering at Durham next year, said, “The Olympiad is good revision for exams as it is loosely linked the A Level curriculum.  I chose to enter because I thought that if I could handle the Olympiad, then hopefully I will be able to handle the A Level exams.”

At the schools’ analyst competition at Manchester University, three year 12 students had the opportunity to use university level equipment in a competition analysing drinks to determine their calcium levels.  Lydia Hood said, “It was really stressful and the task was quite complicated but I really enjoyed the experience.”

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