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Sports Leaders (4)52 Year 5 pupils from Higher Failsworth primary school are developing their sporting talents at OSFC with a series of 3 coaching sessions delivered by 14 students studying the CAMTEC Diploma in Sport. The sessions are being delivered as part of the CAMTEC qualification’s Unit 2, Sports Coaching.  The Y12 students will be assessed on how they show development towards becoming a more reflective practitioner, and how effective they are at evaluating and improving an athletes’ performance.For the 52 primary school children it offers a unique opportunity to visit and learn at a college, inspiring them to consider continuing on in Further and Higher Education after school. Mrs O’Mara pointed out that for some pupils it has given them an invaluable opportunity to reach role models they wouldn’t ordinarily do so. She said “there are very few male teachers in primary school environments and these sessions are being run mainly by male students. It’s vital for our children, especially the boys, to have these interactions and spend this time with role models that are not too much older than they are.” She added that “a lot of the children here today will never have considered going to college and onto university so it has been a great opportunity for them to experience what a college is like and many of them are really enjoying themselves, it’s great to see.”Doug King, CAMTEC Sport Tutor, said “our students have designed and planned 3 sessions that they will need to deliver over 3 consecutive weeks. They will be assessed on how well they can reflect on what they have delivered each week, making changes if necessary and adapting sessions to help the pupils develop their ability.”Gemma Woods, aged 8, said that having a PE lesson at college instead of school is helping her learn new things. She said “at first it was a little weird because the teacher is not as old as an adult, but after a while it was really fun and I am enjoying it.”Sports Leaders (6)Sam Smith, aged 9 was also a big fan of the changes saying, “today has been great. I’ve really enjoyed doing volleyball and we have had the chance to do basketball and tennis too. I’m learning a lot from the teachers but I can only remember one of their names and he is called Will.”Sam and Gemma have both said that they will definitely want to go to college after today. Gemma said “I thought it was going to be a lot of writing but it’s changed my mind because it’s really fun.”Will Heaton and Haydon Kershaw-Whittle, both 16 and in their first year of the CAMTEC Diploma in Sport have found the experience rewarding despite feeling a little nervous. Haydon, who is looking to move onto university to study Sport and Exercise Science said “ this is the first time I have coached anyone and it’s been nerve-wracking. From the moment the kids arrived they have been giddy which has helped relax my nerves. I think they have really enjoyed themselves.”Will, said that, “it’s useful to develop these coaching skills for the future. I have done some football coaching with kids before so I’m not as nervous but it’s been a challenge getting my head around volleyball whilst teaching it too. I think today it has helped me adapt to new sports and that will be great if I ever want to change careers or go to university in the future.”If you’re interested in a CAMTEC Diploma in Sport’s, hearing direct from the professionals about how to invent yourself for the future, come and visit us at our Open Day on Saturday 14 November, from 10am-2pm.To learn more about CAMTEC Diploma in Sport’s, or to apply now, please visit

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