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DSCF6543On the 8th – 12th March a group of 32 Sport and Travel and Tourism students spent 2 nights in Barcelona and 2 nights in Salou. During their trip they visited Nou Camp, Las Ramblas, La Boqueria market, had a harbour boat trip, went to Magnamera Shopping centre, the traditional Spanish town of Tarragona and had a beach sports day at Salou. All students enjoyed the trip and got to learn about the Spanish culture, way of life, language and the country’s history.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 3753,3752,3751,3750,3749,3748,3747,3746,3745,3744″ link=”lightbox” title=”never”]Barcelona/ Salou Comments.

Mohammed Sahid ~ I absolutely loved it. Best time of my life. Loved how we all went as strangers and came back like family.Jonathan Fitzpatrick ~ The trip was a simply unbelievable experience which I wish everyone could share. If any future students are given the opportunity to go on this trip then they shouldn’t think twice as they will enjoy every minute of it.Ethan Lord ~ The overall trip was one of the best experiences that I have been involved in. Everything about this trip was very well planned and it ran smoothly. I would recommend this trip to everybody.Jacob Maccormack ~ The trip was a great experience that I enjoyed a lot. Everything about the trip went well, with great staff as well as students. I would definitely recommend this trip to everybody.Dylan O’Grady ~ This trip was class and a great experience. Barca was class and Salou was just as good, everything from Nou Camp to the cocktail bar as well as the top staff and good students, would recommend to anyone.Imran Mahmud ~ I loved my experience in Barcelona and Salou. What an amazing time I had with everyone. If I could re-live the holiday, I’ll re-live it with pride. I actually can’t wait for next years trip to wherever it is, because I know it’ll be a blast. If I ever get the chance to be a Barbie girl and sit on Tony’s lap again, I would go for it.Chris McMurdo ~ Barcelona trip was brilliant. Nou Camp was huge and a great opportunity too, one of the best stadiums in the world of football. Salou was enjoyable and had a brilliant time.Rowan Coppenger ~ The Barcelona trip was a really good experience. It was a trip where people had a laugh and a really good time. If people get the opportunity I would advise them to go. All the staff and students had a good time.Bradley Graham ~ The Barcelona trip was great, I loved every second of it. I would be happy to go again anytime. My favourite part was Nou Camp tour because I got to meet loads of new people.Mohammed Yamin ~ I think that personally this was the best holiday I’ve been on and I was gutted when we had to come back, this trip was a laugh and a good experience. I can’t wait for the next trip. Hope that it is as good as this one was.Mohammed Khan ~ I think that the trip to Barcelona/ Salou was amazing. I enjoyed every part of it as well as meeting new friends and new teachers. I would recommend this trip to everyone.Rob Wood ~ The trip to Barcelona and Salou was an amazing experience, I would advise future students to go on college trips. All the students and teachers had a good laugh in Barcelona.Rahan Ullah ~ I absolutely loved the trip. Came home and felt depressed. Wish we spent longer there especially more shopping time.Georgia Froggatt ~ Had a fab time, got major holiday blues! Barca 2015 re-union in a few years?Georgia Norris ~ Great time, wish we stayed for longer.Mohammed Hussain ~ Had an amazing time, I do not regret one thing, wouldn’t mind meeting up all over again. Met some outstanding people, made some new friends. I came back and wanted to go back straight away.Jessica Halstead ~ Great time, met lots of new friends! Amazing fun! Gutted its our last residential trip!Jessica Dillon-Pannett ~ Had an amazing time. Made new friends, wish I could do it all again.Aneeq Ali ~ Had a wonderful time, met a lot of people. Teachers were a buzz. Love you Karen and Natalie…Love you too Tony.Abbie Holcroft ~ Amazing holiday, loved the beach day and Nou Camp! Shopping was the best . Shop latch.Amber Barnes ~ Thank you for letting us have an enjoyable experience and introducing me to nice, new people.Lydia Cohen ~ Thanks, I had the best time. Thanks again for looking after me, I met some new people and friends. I will never forget this!Ronni Das ~ It was good, I enjoyed it very much. Especially the Camp Nou. Was very nice.Rana Darwish ~ It was an amazing experience. I met new people and learnt a lot of new things. Teachers did a fantastic job. I loved it!Wajiha Javid ~ Met new friends, had an incredible time. Teachers and students took care of each other well. Loved it!Natasha West ~ It was great. The beach day and evenings were really fun and both Barcelona and Salou are really beautiful. Wish we had a longer day in Tarragona.Emily Duerden ~ I had a great time and experience in Barcelona and Salou.Sam West ~ Barcelona? More like Bantalona!Ellie McLoughlin ~ Had an amazing time in Barca and Salou, met some really nice people. Wish that we could go back.Kate Tattersall ~ great trip, want to go back already. Won’t forget it. Met a load of nice people. Miss you all.Shelby Shaw ~ Had such a good time and met some lovely people. A trip I’ll never forget. Wish we could all go back again.Karen Bates – We had a brilliant trip and the students were great ambassadors to the college, to themselves and to the Sport, Travel and Tourism courses. They learnt and saw some fantastic sites and took part in some great activities whilst we were there. A real highlight of the trip was the sports/ beach day at Salou, Las Ramblas, Nou Camp, shopping and the La Boqueria market in Barcelona, the harbour boat ride in Barcelona and Tarragona. They had an amazing time and learnt a great deal about the Spanish culture and the history of this country. Overall they all really valued and enjoyed the trip and built a great rapport up with each other and the staff which I am sure will continue now they are back at college. It has inspired many of them to travel, to continue in their studies, gain fantastic grades and then pursue a career in their chosen industries. A successful trip all round.

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