‘Solutions Not Sides’ for OSFC Citizenship Students

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Solutions Not SidesOn Friday 10th February AS and A Level Citizenship students enjoyed a fascinating session on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by the educational group ‘Solutions Not Sides’.  ‘Solutions Not Sides’ describe themselves as ‘not simply pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine, but pro-solution’.  The group encourage open discussion and a safe environment in which to ask difficult questions and have tough conversations.

The students listened to Seffy and Yassar, from Israel and Palestine, talk about their upbringing and their lives in the Middle East.  This was a brilliant opportunity for the students to meet ordinary people, not politicians or journalists, who live and work in Israel and Palestine and find out what life is like in the midst of a conflict.  Hearing real stories from real people allowed the students to see past the media’s negativity and bias, and understand that violence will never be a means to end the conflict.

Citizenship course leader, Andrew Barker, said:

“This event was arranged to give the students a better understanding of the conflict and help them engage with the content on a much more meaningful level. It was a well organised, unbiased approach which enabled our students to really empathise with young Israelis and Palestinians. To hear about personal experiences from the conflict first hand was hard hitting and thought provoking. The students really enjoyed this opportunity which will help them in their Citizenship studies.” 

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