Do students have to wear identity cards?

For security reasons all staff and students are required to carry identity cards. Access to College is not permitted without an ID card and a swipe system is in place on all buildings. In addition ID checks are held on regular basis. The ID card also acts as a Library card and is used to gain access to the computers in the Learning Resource Centre.If a student forgets or loses a card, a temporary replacement (valid for 24 hours) or a new card can be obtained from Reception in the Duncan Lawton building. However, if students repeatedly forget their card they will be required to pay a £2 fine for temporary ID cards. Students may be asked to return home to collect outstanding temporary ID cards.

College Standards

Where can we find out more information?

You can find out about the standards of service students can expect to receive from using the College Charter, available in the Student Diary. This is discussed with students in Tutorials. Your son/daughter will be given a Student Diary at induction which contains a lot of essential information about the College. This includes a copy of the Learning Contract, which you and your son/daughter agreed when accepting a place at the College. It sets out the standards we expect from students. Similarly, our Parents’ Charter sets standards for the relationship between the College and parents. The Learning Contract, College and Parents’ Charters are the documents which together describe the partnership between parents, students and the College.  College documents and our Freedom of Information publications scheme are available upon request.