Parents’ Charter

This information is intended for the nominated parental/guardian contact of students under the age of eighteen years at the start of their course. The College welcomes the involvement of parents throughout their son/daughter’s time in College. We would like to work in partnership with parents to ensure that all students achieve their potential in their chosen courses. We would encourage parents to read both the Students’ Contract and Diary, which contain up to date and accurate information about the College’s services and performance, so that they understand what is expected of students in terms of behaviour and approach to work, as well as what students can expect to receive from the College. These will also give parents an overview of the pastoral support services offered by the College. The College expects students to accept responsibility for their own learning and academic progress. However, this will be done in the context of support and encouragement to enable each student to reach their potential. We would also expect this process to involve parents where necessary and would expect regular liaison between Tutors and parents.In exceptional circumstances, students can request that the College has no contact with their parents. The College will inform parents when it receives such a request from a student.

Parents’ Entitlement

You will receive:

  • an Information for Parents booklet, providing answers to frequently asked questions from parents
  • a College calendar detailing key dates in the College year (within this booklet)
  • an invite to our Welcome Evening for new parents in September
  • contact when there is a problem with your son/daughter’s attendance, punctuality or progress
  • an opportunity to meet with Subject Tutors on Parents’ Evenings and discuss your son/daughter’s progress
  • a personal link with the College via your son/daughter’s Personal Tutor
  • a prompt response to any enquiry
  • regular reports indicating your son/daughter’s progress against their minimum expected grades
  • an appointment, if the College or parent needs to discuss any aspect of their son/daughter’s welfare and progress at the College
  • an invite to attend a Higher Education Progression Evening at the College, which will consider issues relating to finance and higher education
  • representation on the College’s Governing Body through the Parent Governors

Oldham Sixth Form College Expects…

All of its students to be successful both at College and later on in life, therefore they are expected to

  • Attend all their lessons unless they have a very valid reason not to
  • Be fully prepared for all their lessons and to always arrive on time
  • Apply themselves in all classes and to give their best in all areas of their studies, including homework
  • Behave responsibly and not to be disruptive inside and outside of lessons
  • Respect all members of the College community.

These five points will be essential in determining whether your son/daughter is successful or not at Oldham Sixth Form College. If they are unable to meet these expectations their place at College is not guaranteed and they are unlikely to reach their true potential.

Parents’ responsibilities

  • to support the College’s expectations and commitment to good attendance, punctuality and meeting deadlines as outlined above
  • to inform the College if you are concerned about your son/daughter’s progress
  • to inform the College of any changes in address, telephone number or personal circumstances
  • to contact the College in the case of your son/daughter being absent, according to the procedures detailed in the Student Diary
  • to attend Parents’ Evenings
  • to respect term dates and avoid taking holidays in the term time unless such arrangements are absolutely unavoidable

Do you require evidence of being a full time student here at college ??

If you, or a parent/guardian, need evidence that you are a full-time student here at College (for personal or official purposes), please request this by emailing Within the email please include YOUR FULL NAME & STUDENT ID NUMBER  then go to Reception at College One  24 hours after making your request via email, in order to collect your documentation.

We hope that your daughter/son will be very happy and successful at Oldham Sixth Form College and that you will be satisfied with the College and its services. Nevertheless, we will always listen carefully to any criticisms, complaints or suggestions for improvement in these services and particularly in relation to the commitments in this Charter.If you are dissatisfied and wish to complain or suggest improvements, an informal approach to the Subject or Personal Tutor may be sufficient. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction in this way, you can pursue it further through the formal complaints procedure detailed in the Student Charter and Diary.