Homework Policy

As a full time student at Oldham Sixth Form College, everyone will be expected to study outside of lessons. This additional study is essential if students are to achieve or exceed their target grade. Failure to work outside of lessons is a breach of a students’ learner agreement and will disadvantage them in terms of their final grade.Homework is set in order to:

  • Reinforce and consolidate work covered in lessons
  • Encourage independent and reflective learning
  • Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding
  • Prepare students for future lessons or assessments
  • Promote an interest and joy in learning
  • Enable teachers in to make a judgement about a student’s progress and level of attainment

Homework should be varied in terms of tasks and relevant and rewarding for students.  In vocational courses homework may constitute on-going work on an assignment or assignments.

Deadlines for all homework should be manageable for students. Some homework will be assessed by tutors, often using exam board criteria and assessment objectives. Assessed homework will normally be returned to a student within 10 working days. Teachers will provide clear instructions and deadlines for homework.

  • The College recommends that for a level 3 subject (AS, A2, BTEC, Applied, OCR, and Finance qualifications) students should study for a minimum of three hours per week outside of lessons.
  • For a level 2 subject, it is recommended that students should study for a minimum of two hours a week outside of lessons.
  • Where subjects are the equivalent of two GCSE or AS levels, the extra study time needs to be doubled.

During periods in which there are examinations or controlled assessments, homework will normally to be to prepare and/or revise, where this is possible.Students are expected to work hard outside of lessons. If they don’t do this, the College will take steps to support them. Should this be unsuccessful, the College will ultimately consider asking the student to leave the College.

Measures to ensure that Students complete homeworks.

  • Students that fail to complete homework will be asked to join Study Skills classes to catch up with the work that they have missed.
  • ‘Effort outside of Class’ will be reported formally to parents.
  • Students that persistently fail to complete homework will be referred to their Personal Tutor as well as this matter being addressed in the subject area.
  • Students that don’t produce homework following a referral may eventually be placed on a contract that is managed by a senior member of staff if other attempts to get them to complete homework are unsuccessful. This monitoring contact will be sent home to parents.
  • If the problem continues, the parents of the student will be invited into to College to discuss their son or daughter’s progress.
  • Further problems may lead to suspension from College
  • If no effort is made to comply a student may be asked to leave College.