OSFC take second place in Oldham Young Enterprise competition

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ohiohipOn Wednesday 29th March, 7 Business students from OSFC scooped second place in the Oldham Young Enterprise competition with their business, Essential Bubbles.

The Essential Bubbles company sells vases with a twist.  The students collected used glass bottles, which they cleaned and removed any labels, contributing to the recycling of the 10 billion bottles that are used every year in the UK.  The students filled the bottles with gelatine balls and filled the bottle with water.  The gelatine balls slowly release the water to water plants for up to a month.  The product was marketed at young adults with a unique taste for decorations, and are keen to protect the environment.  It was this innovative and environmentally product that led to our students coming in second place.

Essential Bubbles’ marketing team said, “Getting through to the next stage of the competition is a moment that we will cherish and we feel proud to represent Oldham.  This programme has had such a positive effect on us as we have become more confident and mature in life and in business.”

Congratulations to the team!

Faizan Aslam (CEO)

Milo Garratt-Simpson (Finance)

Daniel Hayes (Finance)

Zain Kamran (Product Development)

Osama Javed (Product Development and Sales)

Kamran Khan (Marketing)

Torrwll Ugowe (Marketing)

Mansor Mahmood (Product development)

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