OSFC Grand Litter Pick

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Litter PickOldham Sixth Form College has teamed up with Oldham Council, Metrolink and Halfords to carry out a ‘Grand Litter Pick’.

Staff and students from the college volunteered to help clear up the local area, alongside volunteers and staff from OMBC’s Environmental Team and Metrolink.

The collective clean-up came after Oldham Sixth Form’s Deputy Head, Peter Roberts, contacted OMBC’s Environmental Department after noticing a build-up of rubbish around the area.  Peter Roberts, Deputy Principal, who organised the litter pick, said: “We’re very proud of our town and we want it to look attractive as possible. We want to set a good example for the students, and if they see their peers taking part, they will be more inclined to help and take responsibility their selves.”

Ruth Major also got involved on the day after being contacted by the college.  The 72 year old Oldham resident was previously praised after she launched a one-woman campaign urging other residents to ‘pick up a piece of litter each day’ and show they love where they live.  She said, “I was so pleased when Oldham Sixth Form College got in contact with me. This litter pick is about bringing the community together and promoting cleanliness among Oldham’s students.”

Oldham Council Environmental Team provided litter pickers, high visibility vests and disposed of all the rubbish collected, Metrolink provided staff to help the clean-up effort and Halfords donated a gift card.

Anne McCulloch, Work Experience Coordinator for Oldham Sixth Form, said: “We want everyone to be responsible for their own rubbish, especially around the area they spend the most.  We want to mould the citizens of tomorrow and we can only strive for this if we get everyone doing their bit.”

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “This is great idea and we really support co-operative working like this across the borough. If anyone has any ideas that we can help with we would love to hear them. The council spends more than £1m a year tidying up litter and whilst the majority of Oldhamers keep their neighbourhood clean, a few don’t.  We have a strong enforcement team which over the last few years has issued 867 penalty notices and took forward 122 prosecutions.  However, if we all took on board the approach of Ruth and the staff and students at Oldham Sixth Form College the borough would be a much cleaner place to live.”

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