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16th June 2014 by OSFC. Comments (0)

student6070514Congratulations to OSFC student Mariam Inayat who was named Oldham Student of the Year in the 16 plus category at the 14th Rotary Club Annual Awards Ceremony in Oldham’s Civic Centre on 7 May.These annual awards acknowledge students who make a significant contribution to the community and this year nominations were received from almost all the high schools and colleges in Oldham. Mariam received the award as a result of the many contributions she has made locally – she has been Oldham’s youth parliament representative and has attended events and spoken all over the country, including a debate at the House of Commons. With fellow OSFC student Christopher Marland, she also recently was among a group of students who represented the UK at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg. Mariam commented

“I have always strived to be a good role model.”

Principal Jayne Clarke commented

“We are all delighted and very proud that Mariam has been named Oldham Student of the Year. She is not only an extremely capable student academically but also one who works tirelessly to represent others in the local community and beyond. She is a very worthy recipient of this award.”

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