Gap Years

Gap Years Gap Years can be an opportunity to travel, do some voluntary work or gain experience before starting Higher Education Courses.  Universities will want to see students using their gap year usefully.

  • Some students will plan to have a gap year to travel or just do something different before starting Higher Education. They can either apply for university courses in year 13 along with their peers but put down that they want deferred entry i.e. to start in 2018 instead of 2017 or they can wait and apply during their gap year and OSFC will still be able to provide a reference for them.
  • Students applying for the most competitive courses will not always be successful in gaining a place on their first application e.g. midwifery, nursing, primary teaching. Students will often gain further experience or insight during a gap year and reapply and then be successful on their second attempt.  Sometimes being a year older and having more experience of meeting people helps them to do better at interview.

Useful resources, particularly for volunteering, working and travelling overseas resource for gaining volunteering or work experience in the UK see resources under apprenticeships and jobs.