Art Foundation

Art Foundation CoursesArt Foundation courses give students the chance to explore different techniques and media in art and the opportunity to create a stronger portfolio of work before applying to study an art course at university.  Many competitive Art Degree courses require an Art Foundation course to be completed after A Levels, even if students get very high grades.Home/EU students who are under 19 years old on the 31st August in the year they start the course do not pay any fees but they do not have any funding for living costs available to fund them.  For this reason, many students study art foundation courses locally and live at home.  The funding for undergraduate art degrees are the same as any other subject.Oldham Sixth Form College has a long established arrangement with the Art Foundation Course at The Oldham College with information, visits and direct application and recommendation being managed within the Art Department here.  Information and visits usually take place towards the end of year 12 and application is done in year 13.Students are welcome to apply to any other provider, as many colleges, specialist art colleges and universities offer the art foundation programme.  Application is direct to the university and deadlines for applications vary but are often before Christmas. Students are expected to check out the deadlines of the courses they are interested in and liaise with their Personal Tutors, allowing plenty of time (usually 4 weeks) for the reference to be provided.  For further information see individual college and university websites. Students can apply for more than one art foundation course if they want to and some apply for both undergraduate art degrees and art foundation courses as a back-up plan.There are several local providers includingThe Oldham CollegeManchester Metropolitan University (Manchester School of Art)The Manchester College